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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Glorious Day

We slept in which is unusual for us and Emmi! At 8am, I went outside and sat in the sun with my coffee while Emmi ran around. She is so different from our other little schnauzer Jazz who if let off leash would wander and I spent half my time calling her and looking for her. Emmi just seems to stick around us--that will probably change as she gets older--hope not! I made some phone calls while I enjoyed the sun--talked to Jeane and Steve back in Montana.

After breakfast (Rick brought us homemade yeast rolls, warm) we took a long walk trying to tire Emmi as we wanted to take a little road trip in the car. Putting Emmi into her crate we took off about noon and drove to Quartzsite passing a lot (a big lot) of RV's parked in the desert. Then it was on to Parker where we had a good lunch in a Mexican restaurant. Safeway and Wal Mart--when you drive a two seater convertible you have to be careful what you purchase!!! I rode home with a new bright red 5 gallon gas can sitting in my lap! We also enjoyed ice creams cones from McDonald's.

Emmi was one happy little puppy to see us and she had not soiled her crate---YEA, YEA!! But, I think she had howled herself hoarse at being left alone!

We walked down and enjoyed a glass of wine with Judy and Rick who are leaving tomorrow--they are headed to Alamogordo, NM then onto Lake Medina RV Resort (where we spent time last winter) in San Antonio, TX. I think we are staying put unless someone decides to come and park too close as has happened to Al and Kelly.

The view from our windows!

Sunset over the mountains
Sunset colors in the sky toward Bouse.

It was warm enough to have the top down today, awesome weather!

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  1. Sounds like you guys have finally thawed out. You just can't soak up enough warm weather.


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