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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wind, Wind

Once again we woke to sunny blue skies but by mid morning grey skies had moved in and so had the wind. At first it was only a slight wind but as the day wore on, so did the wind--we now have a gale blowing but no rain yet. The weather forecast is dire and makes us wonder about our sanity staying camped out here in the desert. We are about three quarters of a mile off the pavement. The road into this 14 day BLM area is fairly good as BLM roads go but if it rains a lot we could be in trouble--guess we will see!

And, it can rain in Arizona. In 2003 when we were involved in a shooting sport we were camped at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex in north Phoenix. The campground there has electric and water hookups, the sites are very large and spread out but that winter it was very soggy. Several motor homes sank and wreckers had to be called. We slogged around the shooting grounds with wet clothes, wet boots and wet guns. So, we know it can rain.

Took a long walk this morning then I started quilting. I also made up a batch of bread dough. Michael read on some forum the other night about how to use an allen wrench in a cordless drill to make a dough hook with enough power to mix bread--it worked and we sampled the bread a few minutes ago-YUM!

I am almost finished with my Aunt's quilt and it has turned out very nicely. Michael finished his big old thick book today, changed the oil in the generator and puttered. That was about it for our day.

Our internet connection is on the blink again so I am not loading any photos tonight, I will be lucky if this posts!


  1. What a neat bread making idea! It is amazing what some people come up with. I must keep that in mind. I used to hand knead my bread when we lived in our 5th Wheel in the winter. I found 3 loaves fit perfectly in my stove. I never bought bread.

  2. Hope you stay safe in the wind and rain - wish I had a warm slice of your homemade bread - sounds so good !


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