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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinosaur Rocks

As we were driving back and forth between here and Quartzsite about a mile up the road from us we noticed these rocks with strange holes and formations. Today we drove the car to the base of these rocks and hiked up into the hills. We got an earlier than usual start and it was a beautiful blue sky morning, perfect temperature, too.

This "eye" was in the distance but I like this shot I caught. See the tiny little hole in the middle range of rocks?

This was my favorite rock, it looks like a dinosaur head! We had a great time scrambling over the rocks and walking--according to my pedometer we walked 4 miles again.
We are getting better at this boondocking stuff, we went 10 days this time and probably could have gone another day before having to dump and take on fresh water. Drove over to Bouse for these tasks, picked up a package at the post office and then drove around trying to find a place to camp with a better phone and internet signal to no avail!
My sister and her husband arrived back in the US from Israel last night, I'm anxious to hear about the trip.
I tried baking bread on my grill this afternoon--take my advice and don't try it. The taste is fine but the bottom burned in spite of covering the grill with foil and putting the baking pan up on two pieces of steel Mike found for me. There is no way to tell what the temperature of the "oven" is either.
We are still trying to find a spot to be with Jim and Ellie when they get here next week--seems as if the whole world particularly the Canadian contingency decided to go to Yuma for February.


  1. Janna, can't find the email with your phone number. If you guys are in town tomorrow, stop by Discount Solar (east end of town by Beall's Outlet) and say HI. We plan to go to the car show on Sat & Sun. Not sure where we will park yet.

  2. Nice to see you guys in the hiking mode & enjoying the boondocking benefits of the desert.


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