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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Grass County Folks

Took a long walk this morning and took absolutely no photographs in spite of the fact I packed the camera, so we have a recycled photo tonight.

Computer stuff, paperwork and made lunch--grilled some shrimp and potatoes-YUM.

Talked to Ellie today and got all the particulars about their arrival on Wednesday. We sincerely hope they love boondocking as much as we do. Their friend and ours, Dortha made a comment on Facebook today, "it's not the lack of electricity I worry about but the lack of my 20 minute shower." Now I would bet Dortha is exaggerating but she can certainly take 20 minute showers but Mark is going to have to dump and take on more water much more frequently than we do!!

I quilted a little in the afternoon then Michael wanted to take a drive, (he was craving ice cream). Sarge (a high school friend of Michael's) had told us some other Big Timber, MT people owned a place in Bouse, AZ so we set off trying to find them. On one of the back roads of Bouse I spotted a "40" license plate--all counties in Montana have county specific numbers on the license plates and "40" is Sweet Grass County. Sure enough, we pulled into the driveway and it was the people from back home. Mike visited for a while and we will go back soon for afternoon "medicine" happy hour.

It was another absolutely relaxing day in the desert.


  1. Well, I hope I can get by on much quicker showers! Can't wait to see you Mike & Emmi! We'll give you a call when we get near Q.

  2. Beautiful photo. Very nice camera work!


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