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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rain In The Desert

Rollie, Gina and I left North Ranch this morning at the wonderful hour of 4:30am heading for the Phoenix airport and it was raining.  It has rained off and on all day—and I don’t begrudge the desert not one drop!  After dropping Rollie at the airport Gina and I made a stop at Wal Mart (by the way 7am is a good time to shop in Wal Mart) and Albertson’s before arriving back at North Ranch. 

I have been a total couch potato all the rest of the day!!  Just after lunch the bed began calling me and with the rain hitting the motorhome roof, I had a really good nap! I think Michael and Emmi also examined the backs of their eyelids on the couch!

It is La Fiesta weekend here in North Ranch and the weather put a damper on the parade today—it looked as if they had a pretty good turn out for their craft fair and lunch at the activities center.

We did make it to happy hour at Mike and Pat’s—as did Larry and Geri who also brought their Manitoba, Canada friends, Elmer and Henrietta.  We met these friends briefly while we were all in Pahrump, NV.  Elmer reminds me so much of my Uncle Len—he sounds like him, sits like him and looks like him. 

IMG_0096IMG_0097Judging by the food on that table it looks as if we had dinner instead of happy hour!!

Wow is Montana ever getting inundated with snow, mountains and mountains of snow—it is minus 14 degrees at our house and the wind is blowing.  I think we will take a little AZ rain!

North Ranch is a unique Escapees property in that residents actually own their lots and can build homes.  Some of the houses are beautiful and tastefully done, Mike and Pat’s house is very well done and this little one we both like is just down the street from them:


There are also vacant lots on which owners come and park RV’s.  The larger lots usually have hookups for two RV’s.  We are parked on a small lot and there is only one hookup here but we are lucky in that our lot backs up to the desert. 

Another day in the AZ desert.


  1. Raining, with thunder here too!! Good day to kick back and relax.

  2. I keep forgetting that you're now in AZ.... no snow there! Looks like you're having a great time.

  3. We didn't get rain yesterday but it was overcast most of the day so a good day to read and take it easy. Your happy hours look like a lot of fun - and good eats too!


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