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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Search Of A Red Rock Slot Canyon

The jeep gang gathered in Congress this morning about 8:30 and made tracks up busy, insane HWY 93 for Wikieup, AZ.  Jim and Bev were in the lead, Simon was next, Sandy is still recovering from a nasty bug and didn’t join us, then the yellow jeep with Kelly and Al bringing up the rear.  A stop in Wikieup for a coffee and bathroom break then we were on our way out across the countryside on a well traveled, nicely graded road.  We all sure felt a lot safer after getting off that HWY 93 where everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere!! 

We were in the land of Joshua trees and saguaros—they were everywhere.  Huge Joshua trees and many, many multi-armed saguaros.  Up and down the dusty hills the four jeeps went stopping for photos whenever we chose.


IMG_0339IMG_0340Quite the balancing act!


The scenery was just spectacular—there was a cool wind blowing today but Bev scoped out a sunny, wind protected spot for enjoying our lunch! 

IMG_0372IMG_0375A meeting of the minds!

IMG_0377Emmi and Pheebs

IMG_0386IMG_0393We saw several crested saguaros—this one looks a little worse for wear.

IMG_0399IMG_0401And then we found the Red Rock Slot Canyon—John, your coordinates led us right to the turn-off leading to the actual slot canyon—it took us a little backtracking but Jim managed to find the canyon in short order—he had been there before coming from the Lake Alamo side.

IMG_0410IMG_0412Honey bee hive—there were swarms of honey bees high up on the canyon wall in and around this hive.



IMG_0425IMG_0415At this point we had to do some creative climbing with Jim’s help.  Even the pooches needed a boost up onto the next level.  We did not get much farther into the canyon—lots of water pools and rocks to climb around—the end for us.  What a gorgeous place, stunning colors and contrasts.  Thank you so much Bev and Jim for suggesting this jeep trip!  And we missed you Sandy!!

Once out of the canyon we took a different road home instead of going all the way back to Wikieup—and what a road—there were homes visible alongside this road so people must use it to come and go—it had some of the steepest grades heading down into the dry washes—a regular roller coaster!!


Back home by 5pm, tired but once again, happy to be out jeeping!! 


  1. a great day of jeeping! thanks for sharing!

  2. Good to know, we rode in from the south side of the lake. Just ran out of day before we actually figured out where we were going. Now I have seen the pics I need to go back.

  3. Thanks!! Loved looking at the dirt road with all that dirt swirling around...such fun!! Glad you found a few crested wonders:)

  4. Another good jeep trek in the desert. The Red Rock Slot Canyon is stunning. Nice find.

  5. Awesome looking place. The desert is looking really great, this year.

  6. That looks like a very fun day. We love to explore slot canyons.

  7. Great photos, Janna. Looked like a fun jeep ride and hiking.

  8. Thanks for mentioning us in your blog! We thoroughly loved our day with everyone. Readers; What Janna didn't mention is sharing her famous Cream Cheese Pound Cake with us--definitely deserving of the "wow" factor.

  9. You have some great photos there. Slot Canyons are always so very special to walk & hike through. Another great day for the Jeeping Gang for sure:))


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