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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emmi Goes To The Vet And A Visitor


When the family pet and in our case the furkid needs to go to the vet in a new place, it’s always hard to chose one whom you can trust.  It was easy here as Al and Kelly had taken Pheebs to the Wickenburg Veterinary Clinic and used the services of John Oplinger, DVM.  Wow, were we ever impressed—laid back, quiet, no rush whatsoever.  He explained his take on Emmi’s problem and for the first time some of her issues made sense!

Since last spring Emmi has had issues with involuntary urination—she wakes up in a puddle of urine—not good!!  Our vet in Montana placed Emmi on a drug called Prion which stopped the urination problem but caused nasty side effects—Emmi trembled all the time and became very lethargic.  We took her off the pills and started her on a herbal supplement called Bladder Strength.  It worked—no accidents but for some reason which neither of us can remember we stopped giving her the pills.

Well, the problem is back, the herbal pills don’t seem to be totally curing the problem.  We are helping the pills by getting up in the middle of the night to take Emmi out—a practice neither of us wishes to continue.  So, thus the vet appointment today. 

Dr. Oplinger said the return of Emmi’s issues could be the warmer weather and her need for more water thus filling her bladder—makes total sense to us.  He also did not have much faith that the herbal supplements would continue to work so sent us home with a different medication to try—Incurin, a form of estrogen.  We are going to continue using the herbal supplement and not take Emmi out at night to see what will happen before we change to the prescription meds.  I am prepared, her bed is now on top of a plastic sheet on the couch (she always sleeps on the couch) and that plastic sheet comes to our bed with her if comes for a visit!! Smile

When we came back from town Geri and Larry were unloading groceries from their truck and we were met with a very strange sight—Larry is like Michael, wears long pants and long sleeve shirts—yesterday he shocked us by appearing in a short sleeve t-shirt but today we were shocked even more--white legs—yikes, get out the sunglasses!!! SmileSmileSmile

Just before noon, that BMW motorcycle rolled up in front of the motorhome—it was Sarge—he had been in Tucson for a few days and is now slowly meandering his way north to Montana.  He better meander really, really slowly if he doesn’t want frostbite!! Smile He does have heated clothing at least!

Sarge stayed and had lunch with us and when I looked at the clock as he rolled away, it was 2pm—where do the days go???  I sat down and read some of a great book I’ve started, The Boys In The Boat: Nine Americans And Their Epic Quest For Gold.  Then it was time to head down to Mike and Pat’s for happy hour with Larry and Geri. 

And that’s about it for our day—when the evening cooled we got out and took Ms. Emmi for a walk.



  1. Skittlez often has to go out during the night but we've gotten so used to it. And she wakes us up to tell us she needs to go. Then after she comes in Scooter just has to go out and mark. Just all part of them getting older. I sure hope Emmi stays on recovery mode. With the hotter days our girls are also drinking a lot more water - and so am I. Cold in Montana.

  2. Poor Emmi....sure hope the new medication works for her.

  3. I hope Emmi continues to do well. My MIL Pomeranian had some urine leaking at one point and it turned out she had huge kidney/bladder stones. Once they were removed she never had any further problem.

  4. hope that Emmi feels better soon! nothing worse than having to get up in the middle of the night to 'piddle'!

  5. Beautiful flowers! Love the cactus in bloom:)

    Sure hope you can find something to help Emmi.

  6. Luckily, Emma is blessed with a bladder of steel. I hope it stays that way, and I hope you solve Emmi's problem too.

  7. It is hard to try a new vet in a new place. Lucky you had inside info. I will have to keep that vet in mind if we need someone around there.

  8. Hope Emmi's medical issues prove positive with the new medication.

    Time does indeed go by quickly.

  9. I am thinking Mike's friend Sarge had better meander on over to the Long Term Parking at the Las Vegas airport and try again in July.


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