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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nina Fools The Cowboy

Yep, we were invited for dinner at Nina and Paul’s boondocking spot this evening and Nina pulled a good one on the cowboy!!  It was great to see those two again as well as Polly—such a laid back, tolerant pooch!


A delightful evening spent catching up and enjoying a delicious meal with Nina and Paul.  But when Nina served the dessert—chocolate mousse with whipped cream (they may be avid boondockers but they still eat well using a hand held blender to whip the cream) the cowboy’s first spoonful elicited this response, “this is good!!”  It wasn’t until then that Nina told us what the chocolate mousse was made from—avocado!!!  It truly was delicious and it was hard to believe it was avocado, cacao powder and some other ingredients which I will have to ask for again!  It was that good—Nina and Paul are gluten free and are quite inventive finding ways to eliminate the gluten. 

Nina and Paul seldom use campgrounds preferring to camp in remote, quiet spots relying on their solar panels for power.  They have this cool stovetop espresso maker and while their rig is fairly new, they also have the coveted propane oven!!  Boondocking does not mean deprivation for these two.  Thank you so much Nina and Paul for such a wonderful evening.

We spent the day in the campground—no running around looking at property, just a walk this morning—then we cleaned the inside of the trailer and Michael rearranged motorhome bays.  I took my art quilt supplies out to the trailer and set up shop—it’s a fabulous working area—there is a counter height desk across the entire front of the trailer and room to set up an ironing board.  The trailer also makes an awesome yoga studio—what a view!

IMG_0266 It isn’t as narrow as it looks in the photo—it’s 8 1/2 feet wide.

Just down the street from us is a park model which has recently been purchased by a couple who are doing extensive remodeling of the carport, deck and parking area.  There is a HUGE cactus in their front yard with all these large red pods—today I noticed these white flowers—well, the red pods open up to form stunning flowers—soon that whole cactus will be covered with flowers.


A very good day in the desert.


  1. I'll bet if that Chocolate Mouse had Asparaguses in it I would sure know right quick.....

  2. Glad you had a good dinner with Paul and Nina. Such fun people. Nina did the same thing to us. We had a little get together in Moab last April and Nina said she would bring dessert. She wouldn't tell any of us what was in the Chocolate Mousse til we tasted it. Everyone was so surprised to fins avacado was the main ingredient.

    Here is a similar recipe I have since found because we love that mousse. This has mousse on top as the frosting. This had become our new favorite go to dessert.

    You most definitely have the perfect little hide away! Great second room:)

  3. What? No pics of the chocolate mousse? Great pics of the Cactus flowering though - awesome!

  4. That mousse may become very expensive. Heard on the news that avocados are endangered because of the terrible drought in California. I still can't imagine a chocolate mousse with avocado in it. Everything is really starting to bloom here in the desert. And the flowers are just so beautiful.

  5. Loved seeing your pictures of North Ranch. We chose lot #218 in the lot selection process - way back when. We owned it for twelve years, but never seemed to go there so sold it to another North Rancher. It was a lovely lot on the back row. Can you tell which one it is and tell me what is on it now? It would be so lovely to see it now over twenty years later. Twenty years? Is that possible?

    Virtual hugs,



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