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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rocking, Rolling and A Doggie Rock Star

IMG_0503She is not impressed in case you can’t tell!!!  They don’t fit very well and I may return them for a smaller size.  Emmi looks adorable in the goggles, she just doesn’t think so!!

Michael left early this morning to meet up with Larry and the other Mike—all were helping other Mike’s Mom and Dad move from an assisted living facility in Wickenburg back out here to North Ranch.  It didn’t take them long, I think they’ve been moving stuff for a while and just the heavy stuff remained. 

I was mighty productive while the cowboy was gone, Emmi and I went on a 2+ mile walk out to Inspiration Point, I cleaned the rig and did a session of yoga by the time Michael arrived in time for lunch.  After lunch he suggested a drive, “out Vulture Peak way.”  We had discussed a week or so ago going out to look at the boondocking area around Vulture Peak—I’m thinking nice highway drive out there, stop at Safeway on the way back, maybe Dairy Queen.  NOT!! 

As we are sailing past Vulture Peak Mine Road and I’m saying, “hey, aren’t you going to turn there??”  He is saying, “no, we are going to Morristown.”  Well, Morristown is on the BACK side of Vulture Peak Mountain meaning somehow we are going to get around to the Wickenburg side.  Yep, you guessed it, we went rocking, rolling, and bouncing across the desert in the yellow jeep.

IMG_0490Beautiful country, saguaro forests, rugged, jagged rock peaks, flowering cactus—we had a great afternoon!


We took one wrong turn and in my frantic mode I managed not to get any photos of the most exciting part of the day!!  We came to a VERY narrow opening between two LARGE rocks—the cowboy thought he could get the jeep through by climbing up on the right hand rock.  Emmi and I elected to dismount and watch from a distance—NOPE, not happening, we were too wide—the ATV’s would have fit but not the yellow jeep. 

It wasn’t far to backtrack and we were then on the right path, rocking, rolling and getting new pin striping as Al always says!




The wind has howled today and the dust from the Phoenix area is just hanging in a huge cloud making it look stormy.  The temp tomorrow morning may be a little chilly for our planned ATV ride but if the sun shines as usual in the AZ desert, the day will warm up nicely.

Larry and Geri joined us for happy hour at our place, Mike and Pat had gone into Phoenix for some medical stuff and were just rolling in very tired at 4pm. 

Another great day in the Arizona desert.


  1. Nice of Michael to lend a hand on the move. The trip in the yellow jeep seemed quite nice, based on the photos you did capture. A photo of the jeep trying to crawl sideways up a rock wall would have been fun to see. The fun continues, I see......! Good!

  2. Looks like the Jeep is the perfect way for a Montana cowboy to get around in the desert.

  3. Any day out in the Jeep or hiking is a super day in my book! Love the saguaro forest:) Emmi looks so cute in her goggles:)

  4. I like the scenes with the saguaros. :)

  5. Very nice. We didn't drive out that way when we boondocked off Vulture peak road. I do want to explore out there more.

  6. Another great day in the desert! I love those spontaneous "nope, we're going here instead" trips - we take lots of them when we're on the road. Love Emmi's doggles. If you and Mike need them on the treks then she does too!

  7. Emmi is one cool looking dawg in those goggles. I'm surprised to hear you are still going for long walks in the desert after seeing that rattlesnake. I don't think I could even get Paulette to leave the truck!!


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