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Monday, March 10, 2014

On The Road


I think that’s what Michael and I both did all day it seems—travel the roads.  The cowboy was off to Mike and Pat’s this morning to re-do their automatic watering system which has been leaking.  They made one trip to Wickenburg and another one to Surprise for parts.  One more part is needed to finish the system so it’s back to Wickenburg in the morning.

Just after noon I ran to Congress thinking I was going to put our taxes in the mail—nope—post office is closed from noon to one o’clock!!  It’s a dang good thing operating rooms don’t work with that kind of schedule—“oh, sorry sir, it’s our lunch hour, just stay asleep here on the table while we run down to the cafeteria and get our lunch, if you wake up just try to stay still, we will finish taking out your gallbladder when we get back!!!”   Geez, Louise!!!

When I went back to the post office the guy who waited on me had about as much personality as a dead fish.  I said hello, he grunted, I laid my package on the scale, he printed off postage without saying a word, stuck it to the package and said, “that will be $3.00”  I said, “wait, I want the package sent priority mail.”  In ANY other post office I have visited, the person behind the counter says, “how would you like to ship this package, priority, etc.”  The guy said, “well you didn’t say.”  I said, “well you didn’t ask, I want it shipped priority.”  He grunted again, printed some more postage, I paid and left—all this without another word.  People who are that unhappy in their jobs should seek employment elsewhere!!!  After speaking with other people who have used this post office often, this guy has been there forever and has always behaved this way.  There are some ladies who work in the post office who are quite pleasant—I bet they love working with this dude!!

Back home I made a fresh strawberry pie—we are waiting for it to chill before we indulge in a piece! 

Emmi and I were outside playing ball when the neighbor’s little dog came toward us from the corner lot across from us.  Jodi, the owner called and called, insisting Jackson come home.  Jackson had other ideas.  I don’t attempt to pick up little dogs, I was bitten by an elderly neighbor’s Pomeranian long ago when attempting to keep the dog from going into the street.  So, I herded Jackson home—I stomped my foot and told him to go home in no uncertain terms—he went after several foot stompings.  Jodi strolled over a while later with my “payment”—fresh peas from her garden—can you believe that, fresh peas in March????? 

About the time I was dog herding Bev stopped by to see why we hadn’t responded to their email about another jeep trip—oops—wrong email address.  We have met the greatest people while RVing, Bev and Jim are some of those people!!  Another jeep trip—yippee, we can’t wait!

The sprinkler repair guys stopped in time for happy hour at Mike and Pat’s plus Larry and Geri joined us.  We spent some time solving the problems of the world before heading off to our respective homes.  I grilled a delicious sirloin and served it with green beans and cantaloupe.  Jim Meachum, you would have been proud of my grilling tonight!

See, it was a busy Monday—and we did travel a few miles, just separately.  The cactus here in the park are starting to bloom—gorgeous!




  1. Poor post office customers and poor guy for feeling so miserable. What a life he must live. He surely does not need to share his misery. A jeep trip sounds really good. OH BOY.....I get to travel vicariously.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly that Mr. Grouch should leave the job. In fact, his boss should have fired him years back.

    Nice cacti photos in bloom....!

  3. Yes we have run up against Oscar the Post Office Grouch as well. I haven't been in there since the day we got our Post Office box back in March of 2012. Don't need 2 Grouch's in the same building!!

  4. Jim says he's always proud of your grilling! He just wishes he'd enjoyed a piece of that sirloin with you…..

  5. Too bad that federal employees don't have to be held to a high standard. He should have been fired long ago by a Postmaster.

    We love strawberry pie! Sounds yummy:)

    1. Not defending the Postal employee, but why should he have been fired? Was he not doing his job in a satisfactory manner? Do we expect the Window Clerk to do a little "soft shoe" while serving our Postal needs? His job is to move customers, swiftly, professionally, and with a great degree of accuracy...not to hob-nob with the customers. And, this a Post Office, not an O.R. Should they not be allowed a lunch break? Just sayin'...give the dude a break.

    2. Marty and Roz: Thanks for the perspective from a former postal service employee. No, I do not expect the employee to do a "soft shoe, how are you, how are the kids" routine but I do expect them to do more than grunt and that's all this guy did. My point about the OR was this--we took turns going to lunch in the OR, there is more than one employee at this post office--they should take turns going to lunch, not close the entire post office. Our postmaster in our small community is a jewel, the best, there are great post office employees, this guy was just not one of them!

  6. I am patiently waiting for the cactus to bloom in Havasu.... any day now!! Your photos are beautiful. Love the one with the morning sun reflecting on it.

  7. Beautiful cactus photos. The story about the post office grouch made me laugh. I kind of prefer a guy like that to the overly-friendly, overly-chatty type.


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