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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Garage Sales and Sunset Cruises

We’ve been on the go since before 8am this morning—the garage sale person in this family is the cowboy and he was out the door before 8am leaving Emmi and me to do a short business related walk, if you know what I mean!  He came back to get us and we made the rounds—holy smokes were there a lot of people cruising the streets of North Ranch this morning--IMG_0279IMG_0281

Once we finally got back to the rig, I made lunch then decided to try my hand at making the cream cheese pound cake I’ve made so many times—the last time I made it here in AZ was a dismal failure—don’t know what that was all about but today’s cake was a success.

Our afternoon got away from us—we were supposed to go over to Jim and Bev’s and get a gold panning lesson but once my cakes were finally out of the oven, it was too late to get a lesson but we did stop in and say hello.  Jim promises to show us how this gold panning business works next time!  We also have another jeeping trip in the works planned by Bev!

Larry and Geri had stopped by earlier in the day to invite us on a sunset ATV cruise.  Wow!!  There was a group of about 10 of us, we left the park just after 5pm and went out across the desert arriving on top of this ridge overlooking a deep canyon wash—spectacular views in all directions!  Chairs, coolers and tables appeared.  Conversation and laughter, Emmi chasing sticks and the sun began to set. 

IMG_0293Emmi loves Mike—he finds sticks for her!

IMG_0289A new member of the group—Larryetta!!  Everyone was doing a double take when they would see Larry with his special hat!!  Geez, the guy is literally just a laugh a minute—he keeps us thoroughly entertained!! Smile

IMG_0295IMG_0307It was a clear night so not much color but still beautiful all the same!

IMG_0312Then there was the moon.

IMG_0328Once the sun was down and the air began to cool, chairs and tables were packed back onto the ATV’s.  Our leader took us back to North Ranch in the dark which had its own special feeling—I wondered what critters were watching us as we slowly rode home in the light of that gorgeous moon—probably all the cows!!

We had the greatest day!!


  1. perfect sunset! nice way to spend the day!

  2. You two top the list day after day .... It is always another outting and some more fun .....just know you're living right when you have a terrific day and the cake turns out great !!! I have seen a lot of great Jeeps an my day, even owned a bright red one but your YELLOW beauty is special !!!

  3. So did you buy anything at the garage sale? What a great idea - a sunset ATV cruise.

  4. Another fun-filled day in the desert, topped off with a successful pound cake bake. Doesn't appear as though Mike bought anything at the sale though? Awesome sunset.

  5. Beautiful photos!!! So much to do at NR :-)

  6. I think I've seen some of the most beautiful sunsets here in Arizona, and you'rs are no exception. Just gorgeous.


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