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Friday, March 28, 2014

Potluck And A Haircut

Whoa, someone sure lowered the temp in our little refrigerator/freezer we have in the cargo trailer!  I went out this morning to put my jello salad I had made for tonight’s potluck in that refrigerator and saw some nasty looking brown liquid on the floor just below the door.  I knew we hadn’t used that refrigerator to store any meat and opened the door with trepidation—nope, it was a frozen coke which had blown its lid!  The iced teas were frozen solid as well as some of the water bottles.  Hmmmm—maybe we should lower that temp to less than freezing you think???


We enjoyed a wonderful potluck with Larry and Geri tonight at Mike and Pat’s.  Geri and I did the cooking as Mike and Pat have spent a large portion of this week in Phoenix.  It was a great evening spent with good friends—and the food was dang good too!

I had my last haircut on Feb. 10 in Billings, MT—I was about 3 weeks past due for a trim!!  My hair is extremely thick and begins to look really Texas big when not brought under control by a good hair dresser!  Our realtor, Linda Stephens has a nice haircut and she recommended her stylist, Christi who did a fabulous job with my hair!  Much better!

You know, there are just some people who live to give the rest of us our laughs.  Larry is one of those kind of people—when we are around him it’s a laugh a minute!!  Here’s another Larry story.  Ms. Pat teaches line dancing at the Activities Center several mornings a week.  She uses a wireless microphone while dancing and teaching.  The refrigerator freezer in the clubhouse is stocked with ice cream bars—you leave your money, take an ice cream.  Ms. Pat saw Larry (he didn’t see her) come in and saw him in the freezer—she says into her microphone which booms out over the building, “Larry—get out of the freezer!” 

Larry said his hand stopped immediately on its way into the freezer to grab that ice cream bar—he thought God was telling him he really didn’t need that ice cream! Smile

IMG_3138Geri in the middle telling other Michael and Sandy how it is done.



A good Friday in the desert!


  1. our little fridge does the same thing..I have more than one very icey can of pop..and yes one did explode all over the fridge!..quite the mess!
    although nothing like a pop that is a on the verge of being slushy!!

  2. Sorry Larry! Just make sure you don't try to sneak in again during line dance class. My students all got a big laugh out of that. :-)) Yes, Janna, the food was delicious and it will be twice as good tonight. :-) Thanks to you and Geri for cooking those delicious dishes. After driving to Phoenix 3 days in a row, it was wonderful to relax and have a delicious meal that I didn't have to prepare. Hugs to all...............Pat

  3. A booming voice with my hand in the freezer would scare me too! Great story.


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