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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Big Rocks, Crested Saguaro, And ATV’s

Several years ago we were introduced to Larry and Geri—we had stayed in their Custer, SD campground which they’ve since sold—they joined us in the Bouse desert and they’ve been to see us in Montana.  We had planned to do some riding with them around Pahrump, NV but our trip back to Montana ended those plans.  They are staying in the campground here at North Ranch and volunteered to take us out today—what a spectacular day!!  Their friends Mike and Cathy also joined us.

Did you know it is possible to ride an ATV from North Ranch to Congress without getting on the highway—yep, out across the desert.  And did you know there is a trail out there in the desert called the Dairy Queen Trail??—yep, it takes you to the Dairy Queen over near Wickenburg.  That trail may get some use from our ATV’s???

Our first destination was Indian Rock—one huge, massive rock balanced on smaller rocks.  IMG_2991Amazing!!  There were lots of morteros (holes) on the surfaces of rocks surrounding the massive one—the Indians used a pestle made of wood or stone and these holes to grind seeds and other plants for food and medicines. IMG_2992IMG_2996 There were even some petroglyphs on the surface of the giant Indian Rock—some of which have been defaced. Sad smileIMG_3006IMG_3007



With Larry and Geri leading the way, IMG_3013we were off to find the crested saguaro and have lunch.  Another amazing sight—Michael has seen a crested saguaro, I had not—another WOW!!!


There was another one way up on the mountain but my little Canon couldn’t zoom in enough.  Larry had binoculars and we could see the other one clearly using those.  Lunches came out and the laughter and conversation flowed.  Emmi found a new friend in Mike who was game for throwing sticks and more sticks.


After lunch we just took a slow meander back to North Ranch with several stops along the way.  I chickened out at one point, the rest of the gang rode their ATV’s down this really steep hill but I just couldn’t manage to point mine in that direction—I told everybody it was Emmi who didn’t really want to go down that steep hill. Smile

IMG_3005Geri, Cathy and Mike

Back at North Ranch we scurried around and headed to Mike and Pat’s for happy hour and were introduced to their friends from Florida—Roger and Susan who arrived today.  Geri and Larry also joined us.  After happy hour I was just too beat to cook and instead went into Congress getting pizza—one of the best pizzas we’ve ever eaten—delicious!!!

Thank you so much Geri and Larry for including us today—it was just the best of days!


  1. That's the big rock out in the desert behind our place we call 'House Rock.' We sometimes Jeep out there & go for our morning walk in that beautiful rocky area. The Jeep roads go for miles out there in those Date Creek Mountains & we've been on quite a few of them in that area..

  2. Wow that ride into the desert is fantastic. I'm with you, not a fan of riding down really steep hills. Your photos are beautiful!!

  3. So glad you finally got to see a crested saguaro arm. Arms are a special treat. There is a huge crested saguaro out there somewhere. The couple that travels with their horses posted about it. They also posted about a gorgeous, huge medicine wheel they rode to in that area. Maybe you could find out where the wheel and crested saguaro are and visit them. We were hoping to try to find the medicine wheel but we only had a day. John (I think that was his name) sent me directions and a Google map.

  4. Thought that looked like House Rock, but no matter what it's called, it's a great area to explore. Love that green desert and all the many boulders. I'm sure Emmi appreciated the sacrifice you made for her by not going down that steep hill - good Mom! I'm afraid knowing there's a trail that ends at the Dairy Queen would be very dangerous as the temps continue to cream becomes medicinal in the heat :-).

  5. Your sure putting those ATV's to good use this year - great pics of the rocks and boulders!

    Ending a busy day with a pizza is always good!

  6. I was so happy to find a crested saguaro but mine didn't have the crested arms. Now I have to add that back onto my list. Emmi was smart not to want to go down that steep hill.

  7. We are looking forward to finding a crested saguaro. The photos are so cool. Wow, what a ride in the desert!

  8. I love searching for crested saguaros and that one is very unique! What a find!


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