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Friday, February 28, 2014

You Never Know What You Will Find In The Desert

IMG_0084After our early morning walk in the desert we decided to take a drive up Date Creek Road, just north of Congress—it’s a loop road which led us back through Kirkland and Yarnell.  We took some time to drive around the neighborhoods of Yarnell—it made my heart hurt—remembering those 19 young fire fighters who lost their lives this past summer while fighting the fire which came close to eliminating Yarnell.  The businesses along the main street were spared as were many, many of the homes.  The fire pattern was so strange, the houses are grouped tightly together in this quirky little neighborhood, many of the houses are built around the huge, giant rocks this area is known for—the fire destroyed one house and 30 feet away the next house would be spared.  Very sad.

We were out looking for property but didn’t find much of interest but it was a beautiful drive.  We did spot this bird in a nest—help us out Judy!


Back home I baked a cream cheese pound cake to take to the dance Ms. Pat wanted us to attend tonight.  The cake looked beautiful and tasted awful!!!  What the heck happened???  I’ve made this recipe at least 50 times and each time it turns out perfectly.  I think it probably had something to do with using my convection oven and a rack that put the cake too close to the top of the oven. 

The dance was fun, visiting and snacking on the appetizers we all brought, watching the many line dancing ladies and gentlemen (Ms. Pat is the line dancing teacher at North Ranch).  My cowboy even danced with me!  Here is a not very good photo of Mike and Pat—they looked so good out there on the dance floor!  So did Rollie and Gina but the stars were Larry and Geri.  Geri said Larry is one of seven children—his Dad did not dance so his Mom taught all her children to dance so she would always have a dance partner!! 

photo (12)

Rollie has been thinking he is still at work getting up in time to see the sunrise—he has taken some great photos:

photo (11)

Rollie leaves us tomorrow heading back offshore—it’s been so good to see he and Gina.  That’s about it for our day in the desert.  It did rain a touch tonight but back home in Montana they are getting clobbered with another powerful winter storm. 

Happy, Happy birthday Terry—you should be in the desert celebrating this momentous birthday with us!!!


  1. Thanks so much for coming to the dance...... !!

    Its a joy to have you guys at North Ranch, You have a lot of friends here and are quickly making more. In the end that's what is important... Good Friends!!

  2. Thanks Janna and Mike for coming to the LaFiesta dance. I know it probably wasn't a lot of fun for you guys but having you there was a special treat for me. And having Larry, Geri, Rollie and Gina there made it extra special....a little icing on the cake. :-)). Love you all.....Pat

  3. A dance sounds like such fun. I love to dance but the only place we ever seem to have a chance is if we go to a rally. Glad you had fun with good friends:)

  4. You sure don't give me much to work with, Janna. My first 'guess' was a red-shouldered hawk, but I'm not sure they're very common in the area you are in, so perhaps it's a red-tailed hawk.


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