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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Day Of Rest

After yesterday’s bumpy journey we decided a day of rest was in order.  After our early morning walk we headed into Congress to drop off the garbage at the transfer station—exciting right??—then drove by a house for sale I had found on the internet.  The house was a “no” and we headed home.

Lunch was delicious—I re-grilled some of the prime rib I froze at Christmas time and made some oven fries and green beans to go with it.  I also did some work on my bear art quilt—that was fun to finally work on it again.  But as usual, when it’s time to make lunch I have to pick everything up and put it away.

Emmi needed a bath and a haircut—both of which she got this afternoon—while the cowboy started our taxes.  Emmi and I thought of heading for the hills but decided to just tread lightly!  So far there have been no melt downs and I’ve been able to provide him with the info he needs—the internet is a wonderful thing!! 

The desert is a dangerous place at times—somehow I managed to bring in a bunch of cactus stickers on the bottom of my flip flips.  We usually remove our shoes at the door but sometimes I don’t take my flip flops off—mistake!!  Twice today I have stepped on one or several of those stickers—the air turns blue and I do a dance!!! 

Larry and Geri stopped by this afternoon to ask us if we wanted to ride ATV’s with them tomorrow but unfortunately we are all ready going on a jeep tour.  Next time guys!



  1. From time to time we get some of those little "goats head" things in here and when you step on them it almost sends you through the roof.

  2. Your parting photo is just beautiful! When you're not showing us snowy mountains, you're providing us with a gorgeous view of the desert!

  3. Can't stand those goat heads!! They really hurt.

    Sometimes it is good to just kick back!

  4. A day of rest - between off roading jeep drives - seems fitting.

  5. Days of rest are becoming more and more common for me as this snowbird year rolls along. Might just be another one of those today!

  6. One of the side benefits of volunteering here at Lake Pleasant is that the volunteer laundry building has another room where there are lockable cabinets. I claimed one early on, and in addition to my laundry supplies, I also store my sewing supplies down there. So one afternoon a week, on my designated laundry day, I also get several hours of uninterrupted sewing time, too. I love it!

  7. I'm curious, why one of the homes there in North Ranch isn't on your short list...... I'm finding that having a yard in Arizona when you are gone for several months at a time is quite the liability... Of course if you can find a fellow to do the work like John and Brenda.................

  8. I pulled 5 of those stickers out of Oliver's paws yesterday. Then I checked the bottom of my sandals. Yep, they were stuck in there. With the aid of tweezers, I removed all of the. Glad I looked.


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