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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wow, What A Trip

Pat has been sending us emails from the ATV/Jeep club here at North Ranch—we noticed a trip we would have liked to take but thought we had missed it on Tuesday.  Last night about 6pm Jim and Bev stopped by to introduce themselves—along with the Bayfield Bunch, Jim and Bev are part of the group we are joining up with for our Friday trip.  They mentioned the North Ranch club had an outing we might enjoy on Wednesday—we hadn’t missed it!!  We decided in spite of our weariness from our busy Tuesday to join this outing and are we ever glad we did!!  Wow, what a trip.  We are exhausted and beat to a pulp but so glad we went!! 

This was one of those kinds of groups one of our fellow bloggers loves to avoid Smile!!  There were 2 jeeps and 22 ATV’s with the majority being the two-seater quad type ATV’s.  There were a couple quads which carried 4 people each—there were a LOT of people!! 

It was about 40 miles from North Ranch to the unloading spot—

IMG_0117We drove the jeep as we have no way of hauling our ATV’s except in the huge cargo trailer.  It took a while to get everyone unloaded and organized, then we were off, divided into three groups.  The cowboy and I were in the second group and we bounced, jarred, rocked and rolled up the mountain for 10 miles!!!  But that ten miles was spectacular!!




IMG_0136you can see the road meandering up the mountain.


IMG_0151IMG_0152And back down we go—the trip back was tortuous!!  Downhill is always worse hiking, riding a horse or going down in a jeep—I think every bone in my body was jarred!!  But it was so worth it!!



We enjoyed our lunch while looking around us for miles and miles.  Emmi was the star attraction getting lots of attention—I think she might have been the only dog.  A great trip!!


  1. That definitely was a lot of folks but what beautiful scenery.

  2. We did Harquahala Mountain in March of 2012 & yes what a rough, tough, & tumble drive that was. So nice when we finally reached the top & not a sole there. But wouldn't ya know it....10 minutes later a couple on an ATV rumbled in. Nice people though & it turns out they lived in Bouse. Great views from up there eh. See ya Friday morning............

  3. That was a real work out ..... Sure had a interested group ..... Glad Emmi was the mascot !!!

  4. Looks like a blast! That is awesome that Emmi got to go.....Spirit will be jealous.

  5. What an awesome trip! I am pinning this so we can make this trip, also, when get back west. Emmi must be pretty tough if she handled this trip. Good for her:)

    Boy, those ocotilla are all green. So beautiful.

  6. Great pics, sure wouldn't want to hike all that way though.

  7. Nice photos Janna. That was one long back country trip that I too would enjoy.

  8. Oh, are making me so homesick for Arizona! Especially since our Northern Nevada spring hasn't arrived yet! We are headed for Tucson the end of April...can't wait!

  9. Coincidentally......we did our Harquahala trip exactly the same day you guys did only 1 year earlier. Just noticed that now looking back. Our link.....................


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