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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Aren’t We Retired??

We were coming and going again today.  A good walk then we were off to Wickenburg for more plumbing parts and a great lunch at Anita’s.  Back home the little Ms. Emmi voiced her displeasure at being left home alone—what else is new??

Michael went off to install the last of the plumbing parts on Mike’s drip watering system—I played with the spoiled dog and installed a solar reflective piece over the shower skylight.  I had a piece of that silver reflective stuff just shoved up in the skylight and it was starting to bug me, so I purchased some velcro and attached it to the fabric on our ceiling which is some carpet like material—it works and looks much better!

A realtor called and was available to show us a home here in North Ranch.  We also went and looked at a couple pieces of bare ground near Congress.  Time will tell.

After looking at the property we went out to the local boondocking area to make sure Paul and Nina had arrived and were happy in their spot—it was great to see those guys again and we have other plans in the works. 

We stopped at Larry and Geri’s, setting up an ATV ride for later in the week plus we stopped by Mike and Pat’s to make sure the watering system was leak free—good work the cowboy plumber does!

Pretty busy for two retired folks!!

The last of the Crown King photos.



  1. Good work Mike definitely does!! I am deeply indebted to him. The job looks great. Thank you so much Mr. Mike......:-)

  2. Oh what great times you two have .......lots of great friends, fun get-togethers, and oh those scenic tours !!!!! Sorry about the part-time work every now and then !!!! Keep having fun !!!!!

  3. We knew Nina & Paul were on their way & saw them slip by yesterday. Nice that Mike C was able to help Mike M with that drip line water system. Every little bit helps & I'll bet Mike C was happy just to have something to do:))

  4. Have fun with Paul and Nina...great people!

    We were only in your area for a few days last year. We were in the camping area across from the rodeo park. We had a great site with lots of privacy. I am looking forward to returning to spend more time exploring, especially with a very nice Starbucks in the grocery store in Wickenburg.

  5. I'm betting that before long there is going to be a 'Boulder South' much like JB's Dogpound South!

  6. Your activities in retirement define who you are. Keeping busy is a good thing and lending a helping hand is an even better thing. We look forward to reading about your quading and other plans.


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