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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poker Run

I had never heard of a poker run until I married Michael—we participated in poker runs while riding snow machines several times.  This morning at 9am we left the back gate of North Ranch with eleven other ATV’s in our group armed with GPS coordinates for the location of each playing card and a map.  Larry and Geri (she is most familiar with a handheld GPS) led our group. 

IMG_3065Larry and MichaelIMG_3067Joe and Geri are figuring out those GPS units!!

We were to pick up six different playing cards per person over the 30 mile course and end up not far from that same back gate of North Ranch.  The other Mike in our group came in at third place, the rest of us had not so great cards. 

IMG_3070IMG_3072Still working on those GPS units!

It was a fun day—we learned a lot about using the GPS (remember Michael received a Garmin Montana GPS for Christmas) and Michael used the GPS to walk right to one of the card stashes.  We enjoyed our lunch in the shade at Box Canyon after riding through what water is left above ground in the Hassayampa River. 

IMG_3074IMG_3076This was a lucky shot, I just pointed the camera back over my shoulder and clicked. 

Members of our group decided to meet up again for dinner at the T-Bird pizza restaurant in Peeples Valley up on the hill just north of Yarnell.  There were nine of us and we had a great meal and a fabulous time getting to know each other better.  We are the newcomers to this ATV group and have been welcomed with open arms—a nice feeling!!


Another great day in AZ!!


  1. Super shot over the shoulder!! Looks like another busy day off in the wilderness:)

  2. Good work with the behind the head shot success with Michael on his quad. Sure seemed like a fun day was had by all. To do these activities with like minded folks makes the event that much more fun.

  3. You guys are sure putting the miles on with your ATV's. Do those machines carry spare tires?

  4. Looks like fun, we've lunched at Box Canyon with our original ATV's (Blue and Wink)


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