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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Trip But This Wasn’t As Much Fun~~

After yesterday’s jeeping tour we debated whether or not to proceed with our plans for going to the Phoenix area today—we waffled and debated—and ended up heading out about 10:30!!  I was the chauffeur with Michael riding shotgun trying to figure out the phone GPS—he at least is starting to realize the benefits of that navigation tool!!! 

My new glasses had arrived at Costco several days ago and I was itching to get them.  We didn’t need much else—bottled water, snack almonds, etc.  Five Guys provided our lunch—delicious burgers!  Two other quick stops—Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart—and we were headed home to a very happy Ms. Emmi!

For many, many years I’ve worn contact lenses—one in my left eye for reading and one in my right eye for distance.  As the years have gone by and my reading vision has deteriorated along with my age Smile, correcting my vision with the contacts has become more and more difficult.  My optometrist told me we were at the limit for what he could do with mono-vision contacts.  Eyeglasses were needed for any kind of sewing including running the longarm, plus I needed eyeglasses to read.  The contacts were used mostly for a day out and about—I could still read price tags and labels on food, etc.—but I wore my glasses at home.  I’ve about given up on the contacts although at this present time they are my best method of vision correction when riding the ATV—I can then wear sunglasses or goggles. 

IMG_0442  My new glasses—do they make me look intelligent??? Winking smile

Before we left for Phoenix Michael went to the Congress post office and retrieved our mail—this is the first time we’ve sent for the mail since getting back to AZ and it was a box full!!  Now I have lots of magazines and newspapers to read! 

This evening we took a walk around the park to see some of the new cactus—it’s amazing how beautiful all the cactus are this year.  Not as exciting as yesterday but still a good day!!

2014-03-19 17.39.10




  1. That first cactis is so perfect it looks artificial. Very beautiful.

  2. Your glasses are looking great/ Might want to get yourself a spare pair as well. I wore contacts for about 3 years back in the late 90's. I just got tired of the scratchiness & having to poke myself in both eyes everyday. And then came the day in heavy Toronto traffic with a van load of people I rubbed my left eye & lost that contact.....Not good!! ..........

  3. Love the flowers on that cactus! Way prettier than I imagined. You look very smart in your new glasses! Have fun. K-

  4. Yes Janna, i agree, very intellegent! Seriously that shape of frames is very becoming on you. The cactus are just beautiful, the pink is so vibrant. Thanks for sharing. Becki

  5. I like your hair. Do you have a perm to get the height or do you use products to get that look. My hair always goes flat but I don't have a perm.

  6. Gorgeous cacti. I had to give up contacts a couple years ago. Still haven't gotten the hang of bifocals. I may give them another shot this year. I've been taking my glasses off when I sew/quilt.

  7. Love your new glasses!! I tried for one entire summer to find contacts that would work for both visions. Finally it was determined that I wasn't going to see perfectly with both. So I just turned to glasses all the time. With the super light frames and lenses light as a feather, I don't mind the glasses. We did convince the eye doctor to give us five pairs of trial contacts for distance for our snorkeling on the cruise. So very glad we had them. Hope your new glasses help with your sewing:)

    What a beautiful cactus! I can't believe all the buds. It seems to have been the perfect winter for the cactus.

  8. ((sigh)) I wish we were still there. Beautiful!

  9. Great looking glasses. I chose progressives over contacts or trying to keep several pairs of reading glasses close by.

    The desert is very colourful now. The recent rains likely helped.

  10. You look great in those new glasses. I need to get a new pair myself when I get home so I'm going to look for some 'intelligent' looking ones - maybe Google Glass?

  11. I love your new glasses. I gave up on contacts several years ago and just wear the glasses. I also got prescription sunglasses which really helps.


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