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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Corned Beef And Cabbage

The Congress Volunteer Fire Department hosts a corned beef and cabbage feed every year as a fundraiser.  Larry and Geri asked us to go promising another ATV ride in the desert after lunch.  It was a gloriously beautiful day—I think the winds of yesterday blew away all the Phoenix dust and smog sending us gloriously blue, clear skies today.  IMG_3037

After lunch we headed out on trails which at times challenged my riding skills but I kept a smile on my face and a firm grip on the handlebars!! SmileMy machine and I remained upright which is always a good thing! 

IMG_3039Yep, we are lost (not really, we just couldn’t find the correct trail!)

IMG_3040A forest of saguaros!! 

Back home we both had to sit for a while—there is something about being out in the fresh air and sunshine, careening around on ATV’s which makes one very weary!  I sure hope I haven’t fried my lips again—I did that when Gina and Rollie were here causing a sea of painful cold sores to appear on my lower lip. Anyone out there know of a good lip sunscreen???  I put regular sunscreen on my lips then use Vaseline the rest of the day but it may not do the trick.  A hat large enough to shade my lips is going to blow off while riding the ATV—any ideas???

This RV lot came with a nice swing sitting at the back of the lot overlooking the desert.  Tonight we sat in the swing and watched the full moon rise—a good ending to a great Sunday.


  1. Judging from the background hills & visible train tracks you may have been very close to a really nice Crested Saguaro. It's accessible by Jeep too........

  2. This hat won't blow off.

  3. Sometimes in low humidity and bright sun I found that Vaseline "fried" my lips. Good old fashioned Chapstick worked best for me on the ATV on hotter days. Of course you may "collect" more dust on your lips but it's great extra protection :-) ! Good luck, always fun to take a good challenging ride!

  4. Try HerpacinL (SPF30), it works wonders for my fair-skinned, redheaded daughter. She is a biologist and works outdoors on the water all of the time and her bottom lip would actually become swollen and very painful from the glare off of the water. Until our dentist recommended HerpacinL, she really struggled trying to keep the sun off of her face. If you cannot find Herpacin, look for a lip balm with SPF which is usually sold near the sunscreen.

  5. What a great day of adventure!!

    Vaseline is the reason you got so sunburned. It has no SPF and actually attracts the sun. Kind of like putting baby oil on your body. I learned the hard way. Chap Stick is one to stay away from. Did you know you can become addicted to it!! I found Blistex Silk and Shine with SPF 15. It comes in a grey tube with grey and a little pink packaging. I get it at Walmart where they have all the other lip products in the pharmacy area (not make up). This is all I use now. You don't have to put it on constantly. I haven't had any lip issues even on ten hour hikes in the desert. It doesn't have a nasty taste either. I found it healing, as well as, protecting. Good luck!!!

  6. I saw the link to your site from Wheelin it. So I thought I would stop and say hello. We were boondocking outside Wickenburg a couple of weeks ago. We never did make it to Congress. Next time.

  7. We watched the moon rise last night here at our park as well. It was pretty spectacular. Haven't got a clue about stuff for chapped lips.

  8. Hey, we also had corned beef and cabbage last evening. Our good friends invited us - and others - to attend a traditional Newfoundland Jigs dinner. It was an all day job to prepare but it was oh so good. Of course, there was much more on the table; including select vegetables,specially baked Newfie buns, and more.

  9. Have to get yourself a "hurricane string" for your hat.


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