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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crown King Jeep Trip—Joyful

OK, I’m a little recovered this morning and although Michael was outside at 3am pulling in our window awnings we did manage to go back to sleep.  Seems the March wind has decided to make an appearance!

Last week when we were visiting Al and Kelly we were invited along on a jeep trip they were taking with two couples:  Bev and Jim, fulltimers plus Sandy and Simon who are also Canadian.  Jim was our guide and what an awesome guide he made—the trip was just delightful, we ambled along, never getting in a hurry 167 miles, 60 of which was traveled on dirt roads, not awful dirt roads but dirt nonetheless and rough at times.  It was a joyful trip, smiles on our faces, laughter—all eight of us enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

I didn’t take near as many photos as Al but I did take a few—I will spread them out over a few days:

IMG_0167Jim in the lead followed by Simon.  We were third in line all day with Al bringing up the rear.

IMG_0169IMG_0171We were in country at an elevation high enough, there was water, live oak trees and huge pine trees at times.  This is a bridge listed on the National Register of Historic Places over the Hassayampa River. 

IMG_0172Our journey started off on pavement through the land  of big, big ranches with gorgeous gates and fences.  At one time we were traveling through a ranch owned by Revlon, the cosmetic company.  The rock/stone/stucco fence posts were a very pretty PINK color—yep, pink!!IMG_0174IMG_0175Time for lunch, I could get used to traveling with these folks!! Smile Out came tables and chairs, tablecloth, wine, glasses for the wine, etc!!  This was no peanut butter and jelly group we were with, Simon and Sandy even enjoyed a beautiful salad which had us all drooling.  Bev had also made some delicious cookies, very, very good!!

IMG_0183Bev with her back to the camera, Kelly and Al

IMG_0187Jim on the left, Sandy and Simon.

IMG_0197Gorgeous scenery, cool temps, sunshine and good friends, old and new—a joyful day!!  More photos and more about Crown King in the next blog!


  1. Nice pics, Janna. Sure sounded like a long day of shake, rattle and roll.

  2. Nice trip, but I bet the jeeps need some cleaning.

  3. A special day for us--we got to know "The Cowboy" and his lovely wife!! Thanks for making our day so enjoyable!

  4. Another great day chocked full of pleasant memories. Those kinds of days always create those special little bonds between people enjoying adventures like that. It is the kind of stuff that cements everlasting friendships:))

  5. That looked like great 'jeeping' country. Sounds like everyone was like minded and the jeeps were too, according to the photos. Nice day!


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