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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Driving, Driving, Laugh For The Day and Great News

First the great news—our granddaughter Laci and her husband John called today to tell us we are expecting our first great-granddaughter in July!!!  We knew about the baby but they found out today it was a girl.  Exciting!!!

Our friend Rollie is confused—he thinks the only time planes leave Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is early, early morning!! SmileOnce again, Gina and I were leaving North Ranch way before the crack of dawn so Gina could get on a plane headed home to Louisiana.  I was back home before 8am so that tells you how early we left—it’s a one and a half hour drive to the Phoenix airport from here. 

We took a nice walk in the desert when I got back--we met up with these friendly guys/girls:

IMG_0108making Emmi bark.  We also saw a strange sight in the desert:

IMG_0104you would think it was too dry for mushrooms to grow in the desert!

Back home we had an email from a realtor sending us a map and directions for reaching a property we thought might be nice.  We traveled roads which made the West Boulder Road at home look like a regular freeway.  Up washes, down washes, we came to places where my dear cowboy said, “nope, not going there.”  Our jeep is a JEEP for goodness sakes and is FOUR WHEEL DRIVE but there were places we just thought a little too steep.  And they want you to build a home out there and go to the grocery store from out there—NUTS!!!

IMG_0110The saguaros were everywhere, huge and majestic.

2014-03-04 12.59.16One of the better spots in the road!! Winking smileThese last two photos are the views from this property.  But, in spite of those views they won’t be receiving any offers from this cowboy and his spouse!!! 


Retired Rod has a Roomba vacuum story that will make you laugh so hard you cry or worse.  Michael hasn’t stopped giggling yet—you owe it to yourself to go over and read his story!! 


  1. Well I am going to speculate that the neighbors chickens won't wake you up out on that little piece of Arizona.

  2. OMG, I just read the post you recommended, I almost spit my hot tea all over my keyboard, laughing so hard! the poor guy!

  3. Oh, but think about the beautiful saguaro you will have!!!

  4. Aw, come on now and have a little sympathy for a guy here!!! It took a day or more before I saw the humor in this experience.............

  5. What a beautiful place... I'd love living there... but would need a helicopter or something to get in and out.

  6. No neighbors with Karaoke machines out there for sure. We'll take it!!

  7. Being the practical, worry wart type of person that I am, all I could think about was needing medical help out there. It's beautiful though no doubt about it. Congrats on the new great-grand daughter. I'm still waiting for the first grand.

  8. It looks like a beautiful, natural state piece of property alright. I'd leave it that way!


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