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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Installing Booster and Panel Antenna

Last night it rained and rained making the desert smell so clean while we walked this morning.  The down side to the rain is all that desert sand sticks to our shoes and Emmi’s feet making for a messy RV.  But the sand was nothing compared to the mess Michael made!!

Before we left Montana the first time we ordered from the 3G Store a Wilson signal booster and an inside panel antenna.  We’ve been using the signal booster but not the antenna—so today was the day of the big install.  We’ve had an outside, rooftop Wilson antenna for a long time—it is important for that outside antenna and the inside antenna to be at least 20 feet apart.  To reach this distance entailed Michael drilling holes through the insides of all the cabinets along that side of the motorhome.  The holes are at the top of the cabinets, behind the doors, visible only if you are looking—this allowed him to hide the cable inside the cabinets.  The booster is at one end of the kitchen, the panel antenna along with the router and aircard are at the other end of the rig.  It works, our internet is good!

When he was finished late this afternoon, the motorhome received a thorough cleaning to say the least. 

Emmi and I took several walks around the park—I enjoy looking at all the creative ways people landscape in the desert.  I noticed tonight many of the cactus are about to bloom—one of Pat’s all ready has blossoms. 

Tonight Emmi and I walked up to watch Downton Abbey with Gina—it’s hard to believe season four has ended all ready!!  I love that show, the accents, the clothes, the pomp and circumstance. 

And that’s it for our Sunday in the desert.  The snow finally stopped in Montana and the temps are to be above freezing tomorrow! 


  1. We have the outside antenna but not one inside. May have to look into that. Our kid in Billings is so sick of shoveling snow and trying to drive in it. What a winter it has been up that way.

  2. Glad you got everything working. Missed you at HH. Hugs.....Pat

  3. Heard it is going to warm up for at least long enough for us to make our dash to Dogpound North, and maybe even get the rig into the barn.

  4. I'll be interested to hear how that new antenna setup works and if it's any better than what you already had. Glad it was Michael drilling holes in the cabinets - that always scares the heck out of me.


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