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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Routine Day And Snake Video

No crested saguaros or long ATV rides today.  Instead we took garbage to the dump—exciting, right???  North Ranch consists of private owned lots and the owners pay for garbage pick up just like in a housing subdivision.  Because the owners of this lot we are renting are seldom here they don’t have garbage service.  The garbage bins up near the front of the park are for people staying in the campground—so, we take our garbage to either the Congress or Wickenburg landfill.  Now isn’t that just the most exciting thing you’ve ever read???

While in town we did go through some second hand stores—at the Habit for Humanity store I found a set of measuring spoons identical to my favorite ones I have at home and the most important find—an ice cream scoop—ours broke last fall and I never replaced it.  We also had lunch at Anita’s—Michael’s lunch was good, mine was awful.

I woke in the night sneezing and today my nose would not stop draining—there are a lot of trees and plants blooming right now—when we came home from town I took a nap but it didn’t help much.

We joined Larry and Geri for happy hour at Mike and Pat’s and this evening a group of us went to Mike and Cathy’s to watch the ATVing movies Geri has done of some of their travels.  She has a GoPro camera attached to her helmet and has taken some great video plus she has mastered the art of creating a movie using Movie Maker which comes with Windows 8 I think she said.  Cathy and Mike provided all the ice cream and brownies any of us could eat and we watched the movies in their outdoor living room—now we have lots more places on our “to go ATVing list!”

A good day—it was warm here today, up to 84 degrees!

And, oh, the lady across the street from us has a garden and today she put out a cooler and a coffee can with a slit in the top.  Inside the cooler were bags of beautiful lettuce—I took a bag and put my $2 in the coffee can.  Imagine—lettuce in March!! 


Don’t know why I wasn’t thinking yesterday—I could have taken a movie with the camera—was glad Geri took one—please ignore my voice!!  We are all still debating whether he was a diamond back rattlesnake or a green Mojave rattlesnake—whatever he was, he was dang grumpy and scary!!


  1. I think i agree it's a Mohave green. I hear they are really cranky snakes. I like that you just watched and let him go on it's way. Becki

  2. NOPE,,,not watching that one!! Just seeing his tail gives me the willies! I want to keep hiking in the desert....YIKES!!

  3. Badgers and Mohave Greens are the most aggressive critters I've encountered in the southwest and are two of the most beautiful (I'm sure I'm in the minority in the "snakes are beautiful" club). Best to give them a wide berth. Hope your sniffles go away soon. You could be allergic to trash duty - probably should let Mike do it for awhile just to test the theory :-).

  4. One of those Mohave's chased our friends down a trail. And like a lot of our trails it was up on a ledge and there was no place to turn around. Sure tested that horses backing skills.

  5. It looks like a Mohave...yikes! Those snakes get grumpy and chase! Guess none of you looked appetizing enough. Have you watched the Elvis DVD?

  6. The stripes on the tail end say it's a western diamondback.


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