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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Slow Saturday

A slow start, a walk in the desert and a trip to Prescott—that’s about the extent of our day.  My new glasses were still hurting my ears and needed some adjustment.  It probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do—go to the big city on a Saturday when all the working people have to be out shopping!

First stop was Five Guys for a delicious hamburger—really the fries are better than the burgers but both are pretty dang good. We sat outside in the sunshine—it’s at least 10 degrees cooler up the hill in Prescott and the sun felt good.  Ms. Emmi got to join us at the picnic table and enjoyed scrounging for tidbits under the table—that’s the only way she gets people food! 

A quick stop at Costco—Michael stayed in the jeep with Emmi while I ran inside, got my glasses adjusted and picked up three items for a total of $36!!  Who ever gets out of Costco for $36???

Back home we were just in time to attend happy hour and help finish off the leftovers from last night.  Larry and Geri are leaving us tomorrow heading to Apache Junction—their niece is getting married and their daughter is arriving for the wedding.  They will be back here in about a week—we will miss our ATV tour guides but most of all we will miss Larry’s escapades!! 

So, a not very exciting day but a good one!  Any day spent with my cowboy and Emmi is a good one!


  1. I've never been to a Costco. Is it similar to Sam's Club?

    1. Yes, Judy, it is similar to a Sam's Club but nicer--

  2. You are one leaves Costco's with only $36 worth of goods! Way to go!

  3. you did well to leave Costco for only $36;;we went to day and it was $ can only hope that in the not too distant future those trips to Costco will be few and far between!!

  4. You have very good control when you are in a Costco. There is nothing more annoying than glasses that do not fit right and hurt the ears.

  5. We have only ever been to a Costco once & it was with somebody else's card. I remember how big it was & remember standing in a TV aisle watching part of an animated movie (Polar Express) on a big colored television. As I recall we bought something. Maybe we ate it on the way or something.................Always a nice scenic drive to Prescott.

  6. I have never ever got out of costco that cheap. LOL

  7. We were in Prescott too! I had a list of items to get and I was like a mad woman to get my shopping done. $36 in Costco???? I think I did that once in my lifetime. Bed, Bath and Beyond is my weakness.

  8. I seem to lose $36 in change whenever I go to Costco! I'm already missing 5 Guys - we don't have one on Vancouver Island that I know of - maybe that's a good thing!


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