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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cloudy, Cool, Quiet Sunday

We woke up to unexpected clouds and while the clouds dissipated by noon it still remained windy and cool, 69 degrees for a high.  It was nice and cool—read less chance of seeing rattlesnakes—when we took our 2.5 miles walk this morning. 


Emmi has been on the “real” meds for her urinary incontinence issues for three days now—our continued trial of the natural supplement came to a screeching halt.  She is still waking us up between 2am and 3am—we aren’t sure if she is cold and wants in our bed or needs to go out but whatever it is, it sure is hard to go back to sleep after having to get dressed and take her outside.  Tossing and turning, finally falling back asleep tends to make us sleep later and then we walk later—this morning’s coolness was welcome!

After lunch it was time for me to work on my art quilt—I’ve gotten all the pieces positioned as I want but will leave it for a couple days and see if I notice any areas which need more work.  It’s amazing how busy we are when in Arizona—I’ve not done any quilting! 

We watched a movie today—one loaned to us by our jeeping buddies, Bev and Jim about a man who befriends a huge bull elk in Idaho—very, very enjoyable to watch.  It was amazing to see the interaction between the elk and this man!

Talking to Lonnie and the granddaughters back home it is still snowing, sixteen inches of new snow on the ground and it is still snowing!!  Winter go away!!!


Out in front of one of the homes we walk by there is a box of grapefruit with a sign, “help yourself.”  So, yesterday I helped myself—while not as sweet as a ruby red grapefruit the fruit still has a good flavor and are huge!!



  1. On a cool day snakes are likely to look for a nice sunny spot to get warm rather than stay underground. Flat, sandy roads tend to be a favorite. They're slower when it's cool, but they're still out. Hope the meds work for Emmi and all can return to the bliss of uninterrupted sleep!

  2. We've been avoiding desert walks of late due mainly to the potential for snakes to rear their ugly heads and rattle their tails.

    With the recent snow back in Montana, it seems premature to want to go home anytime soon, doesn't it? Good thing about keeping busy in the desert.

  3. There sure seems to be a lot of snake talk and sightings of rattlers by bloggers this spring. I don't recall this in previous years but I suppose it's because of the super warm winter we all enjoyed in the southwest this year. It's going to be tough to get home with all that snow on the ground in Montana - maybe April will melt it away!

  4. Too much outdoor fun to quilt! Save that for cooler weather:)

    Fresh picked grapefruit! Yum!!

  5. What was the name of the movie? I always enjoy a feel good story, sounds like a good one.


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