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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Out And About

Michael’s friend Sarge stayed in a motel over in Wickenburg last night and we met him for breakfast at the Spur.  I wish I had taken a photo of my homemade biscuit, it was saucer sized and absolutely delicious!!  We got Sarge on the right road heading for Tucson today—he needs to give the weather in Montana a little more time to improve—I’m thinking he may be spending a while longer in Arizona??Smile Sarah, who is Sarge’s significant other sent us an email while we were enjoying our breakfast which went something like this, “while you three are enjoying the warm and sunshine, I just wanted you to know it was 11 degrees this morning when I took Callie (their dog) out for a walk.”  Wish you had been here Sarah!

We found some great goggles at the Artic Cat dealership in Wickenburg—when you are riding with several people, the dust can get rather thick.

Back home at North Ranch we once again were out driving around looking at properties and taking photos of particular houses we liked.  Mike and Cathy were outside their rig talking to Larry and Geri.  We stopped and enjoyed very much seeing Mike and Cathy’s spot.  Mike’s Dad was one of the original builders of North Ranch—Mike and Cathy purchased his spot when Dad and Mom had to move to an assisted living facility.  They have a tall carport over their 5th wheel plus a beautiful partially enclosed outdoor living room.  Their landscaping is to be envied!!  Cathy even brought out ice cream sandwiches—a welcome treat on a warm afternoon!  Their dog Jasmine was NOT impressed with the visiting little black schnauzer!  Smile

We’ve missed happy hour at Mike and Pat’s for a while so Michael popped up some popcorn and we headed down to their house about 4pm.  Larry and Gerri were there as well as Paul and Nancy.  Mike’s son Pat has also been visiting and joined us.

Back home I made dinner—pork tenderloin, brown sugar glazed carrots and a salad—YUM!  We took a walk out into the desert after dinner and spotted the North Ranch resident owl.  Speaking of birds, Judy tells us the bird in last night’s photo is an adult Cooper’s Hawk.  IMG_3077

OK, we’ve had enough days off, Larry and Geri are leading us off in search of a large crested saguaro tomorrow—we will get to try out those new goggles!


  1. Glad to hear Sarge is taking a little more time to go north. Do we get to see a picture of the new goggles? On not off. of course.

  2. Make sure you give us directions to the crested saguaro!! Can't wait to see it!!!

    Roasted carrots are my new thing since I have been able to get rainbow organic carrots at the farmers market here in FL. I, also, purchased a new spice at the Tea and Spice Exchange called Moroccan Ginger Curry. Maple Syrup and this spice make roasted carrots to die for!! It also makes the best sweet potatoes.

    Looking forward to the next post!!!

  3. We enjoyed having you and especially enjoyed Mike's popcorn...


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