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Friday, March 14, 2014

Social Butterflies We’ve Been

Last night I received an email from Cindy and Ray saying they were at North Ranch and would like to come and meet us.  This morning about 9am we four had a good chat outside in the sun.  What a quiet, unassuming, easy to be around couple—we thoroughly enjoyed meeting them!  Cindy is getting into beading—as they were about to leave I mentioned our next door neighbor Jackie was having a garage sale and had lots of beading supplies—well, I think Cindy made a dent in Jackie’s supply! Smile

IMG_0273IMG_0276After Ray and Cindy left we took Emmi for a walk up to the park campground—I was looking for Sandy—seems she is a hairdresser and cut Kelly’s hair.  No one was at home at their motorhome but Bev was and said Sandy was under the weather with possibly the flu—hope she’s feeling better soon!

Tomorrow is the big North Ranch garage sale—all the lot owners can put out merchandise for sale—some of them got an early start today.  Our neighbor Jackie had her tables out Thursday afternoon and today I bought a small set of dessert plates—very colorful, I said they made me smile.  Michael bought from another neighbor a blue flame Pro-Com propane heater—brand new, the guy had never been able to get it to work, $5!!!!  As Paulette would say, SCORE!!  I bet the cowboy gets it to work!!  We are looking forward to shopping all the merchandise tomorrow! Smile

This afternoon Paul and Nina along with Al and Kelly joined us for happy hour.  Six people with much in common spent a delightful evening talking, laughing and getting to know each other better—Polly came along and was such a good dog, once again tolerating Ms. Emmi.  Thanks guys for joining us!!

IMG_3019Fairy dust plants from yesterday. 



  1. I told Ray and Cindy I couldn't figure out where in the world they were putting all that quilting fabric and bead stuff they were finding in their travels. You guys are going to be lonely when you get back to Montana (or else you're going to just plain enjoy the peace and quiet). I have no doubt that the cowboy can fix whatever is wrong with that heater.

  2. Would love to see a photo of those plates. I hope you find mega bargains tomorrow!!!

  3. Think I know where that last photo was taken from:)) Coincidental that we both used the words 'social butterflies in our post titles tonight. Hmmmm, I wonder how that happened. Nice time & thanks for having us over.

  4. The fun continues where you are. And what is not to like about that.....and more....!

  5. It was great fun reading all three of your blogs about your get together. Sounds like good times!! Wish we had been year!!

  6. SCORE! Geez, I hear that word a lot. Glad you got a great deal and had a 'butterfly' kind of day.


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