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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Stay At Home Day

And geez did I need it!!!  We took a walk in the desert, I gave Emmi a bath and myself a pedicure plus I did several loads of laundry.  I had more things to do on my to do list that didn’t happen but tomorrow is another day.  My cowboy is in desperate need of a haircut, that needs to happen soon!

Rod asked us in a comment why we weren’t considering a lot in North Ranch.  Well, we aren’t really “lot” type people preferring a bit more space around us.  But, as we have been a part of North Ranch for the last month, the place is growing on us!!  We’ve been looking and plotting—there are several properties for sale—some bare lots, some with stick built houses and some with modular homes.  Time will tell—so I guess Rod, we are considering a lot!Smile

We drove around looking at properties stopping by Larry and Geri’s for a visit and some laughs.  That Larry can tell the best stories!!!  Geri has a bandana type dust mask someone made—I borrowed it to use as a pattern having picked up all the stuff to make some while in Phoenix the other day.

This afternoon Michael and I were sitting on the couch looking at real estate on the computer when we heard a motorcycle drive up.  I stood up to see if it was Larry, but nope, it was Sarge, our friend from back home in Montana!!!  He had stored his motorcycle in Pahrump, NV for the winter thinking he would fly down occasionally and the motorcycle would be his transportation.  That hasn’t happened, they went to Costa Rica instead so he flew down to ride the bike back to Montana—I think he’s pushing spring just a bit!!! Smile

photo (13)

IMG_0446-001Lots of raptors around this park plus we have a resident owl which I hear hooting most night when Emmi and I go outside for the last time.


  1. Stay at home days are necessary, from time to time. Household chores need to be attended to and the break from other activities is welcomed at times too.

    Good luck with the lot/house/acreage hunt.

  2. I definitely think you deserved a down day. RV parks can grow on you. The friendships are amazing. But you'll find the right spot for you. Have fun looking. I can't imagine riding a motorcycle back to Montana yet either. It's still snowing in Billings and only about 40.

  3. We were looking at North Ranch a few months ago. There was a nice lot in the far left corner of the park we really liked that was for sale. It could be made kinda private with desert on both of the back sides. We agree most of the lots were way to close together for us but it is a really nice place. Enjoy your "down" days. Becki

  4. Nice adult Cooper's hawk you captured there. I'm thinking of trying a lot in a park in AZ next winter. I'm a little leary about it though. I'm used to the refuges.

  5. Yikes, Montana on a motorbike might be a little cool for me this time of year. Appears to be lots of things to do around that North Ranch, but no room for my horses there.


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