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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It’s A Good Thing Wal Mart Sells Ducks

Today was a Billings day and a hot one at that.  But since it has been 110 degrees in Arkansas for the last two days, I shouldn’t complain about the heat!!

When Emmi was just a little puppy we met Jim and Ellie along with Mark and Dortha up at Glacier National Park for a few days.  Ellie and Dortha brought Emmi some presents—a duck and a bling collar.  Well, it’s a good thing Wal Mart sells ducks!  I think in the three years Emmi has been part of our family we’ve gone through about a dozen ducks—I buy the things two at a time always having a spare on hand.  Emmi gets just a little frantic when she can’t find the duck!!IMG_4079 

It was my turn to see the doctor today—actually I just saw the technician who told me exactly what I all ready knew, “yep, you have a varicose vein.”  So, in about two weeks I go back for a sonogram and to see the doctor.  $$$$$  My health insurance (Michael is on Medicare) has a $6000 deductible and costs me $251 per month—isn’t US health insurance just the best????  Care to guess what the varicose vein procedure will cost—yep, right at about $6000.  I guess the bright side is I will have met my deductible and anything else I have done this year will be free and clear!  Smile

A haircut for me, lunch at Jake’s, Costco and Wal Mart then we headed the yellow jeep toward home.  We are taking the motorhome out soon—need to get it all stocked up. 


  1. Hey, Janna, you should run for Congress then you'd get free gold-plated Congresscare. Serve 5 years and you get if for life.

    The good news will be if you DON'T have to take advantage of any medical procedures for the rest of the year - after reaching your deductible.

  2. I won't even get started on the insurance! I just hope you don't have to have to use it again this year. Ducks, ducks and more ducks. Aren't they fun! The good news is that maybe Emmi will be like BoJangles - he no longer destroys them, so i don't have to replace them so often anymore. But he still loves his ducks!

  3. Emmi does like the duck. Always wants to play.

  4. Emma would make very short work out of those ducks. I have to buy the stuffing-less toys for her. :)

  5. Quack Quack..nice ducks!!..good luck with varicose veins!!

  6. Don't get me started on insurance. What a rip off!! I'm glad Emmi is getting another duck. Rufus had his 'puppy' from when he was about 1 until we had to put him down, He was really gentle with his 'puppy' and only wanted it when he was on my lap.


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