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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rattlesnakes And Wanderlust

Emmi almost got nailed by a rattlesnake again this morning but we think maybe she has figured out that buzzing noise is not a good thing—all this happened in seconds—Emmi was in the lead, she heard the buzz, came running back to me, I heard the buzz at about the same time Emmi did, I yelled at Michael to stop (he didn’t hear the buzz) and yep, there it was, right on the trail.  I hate rattlesnakes with a passion!!

The Bayfield Bunch Al frequently talks about his desire for travel—his wanderlust.  Do you have a desire for travel??  In my family growing up I was blessed to have two Grandmothers with us until I was well into adulthood.  One Grandmother, Dad’s mother hated to go anywhere—she would go to church or to town but never anywhere else if she could help it, in later years, Dad became a lot like her.  Now Mom’s Mother, her suitcase was packed all the time, if someone said “go”, she said “where”.  My Mother inherited her Mom’s love of “go.”  And I guess to some extent so did I.

Michael’s Mother loved to travel, Nat hated to travel.  He frequently paid for someone else to travel with Joy rather than go himself.  Nat still refuses to travel, has not been back on an airplane since WWII ended.  We try to talk him into going somewhere warm with us for the winter, nope, not happening.

I am the only person in my immediate family that does not live on or near the family farm where I grew up.  I left Arkansas in 1985, moving to Texas and in 1992 moved to Wyoming.  I’d say I have a touch of wanderlust.

So, do you have wanderlust, is the grass greener somewhere else??  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?? 

Last night the sunset was breathtaking, stunning, I stood outside for a long time watching the colors change.



Nat has a terrible summer cold, I made chicken noodle soup and we drove into town late afternoon to see about him.  He is feeling a tad bit better.

A good day in Montana.


  1. After the fires here in Helena the people in that area who's homes survived had to deal with all the snakes coming out of the burned area. Ick!!!
    I definitely have the wanderlust. I started out in Sidney, went to Idaho, to Utah, to California, back to Montana, to Maryland, to Virginia, and back to Montana. I had a job that allowed me to travel quite often which I loved. So full timing is a very natural part of me. I prefer the southwest over other parts of the country but I love visiting everywhere. Have no desire to go in an airplane to Europe or Africa or Australia. Just want to stay here in the states. Maybe a trip to Canada some day.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset Janna, and yes, I do have a serious wanderlust, just like you do. Love being on the road, but also hope to visit Australia someday. Now, on another note...I have a question for you. We are parked for the evening on a quiet back road with the lovely company of beautiful bovines. So, in the quiet of the evening we got into the deep questions of what exactly is a cow? A cow moose, a cow elk, a cow cow? I always thought of cows as mama's, but mama what? Like a horse a moose or an elk, is it generically a cow? Is it a cow bull or a bull cow or a bull what? and if you castrate something to make a steer what animal do you castrate?

    This had us laughing in stitches, and I said the one who could clear it all up would be Janna. I have a few more seconds of battery power on the laptop and 3 bars on the mifi so hopefully we will get the answer to our silly questions.

  3. Rattlesnakes are always a very real worry to me in the southwest because the Pheebs has no idea what a snake is. It is always a worry for us.
    I'm kind of like Sandie when it comes to wanderlust & yep, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence for me. No desire to go anywhere in an airplane anymore & I've never had a desire to go to Europe or Austraila either. Also like Sandie, I too prefer the west/southwest now. Been through many of the Eastern States & really have no desire to return to any of them. Like Janna, my travel bug comes through my family as well.

  4. wanderlust?..but of course!..isn't that why we all read RV blogs? day tomorrow!!!

  5. I fear all snakes with a happy (knock on wood) I haven't encountered any while out west here...they tell me we're too high up for them. Trua or not, I haven't seen one.
    Al and I are definitely the wanderers in the family; don't know where it came from, but thank goodness we found each other so we have matching passions!

  6. Nice Sky pictures...... We traveled the US in our RV for 7-8 years when we found our "favorite" places and we think we have the best of both worlds.....AZ in the Winterr and Black Hills in the summer. Thats the way we planned it and that is what we made happen....
    Neither of us had any real passion th go outside of the USA,,, There is plenty right here for us....
    We never see any snakes,,,here in SD. See a few in AZ...some years we see more than others.... It pays to keep eyes and ears open....just like in Phoenix...:-)

  7. Yep, I've had the itch to move around since I was about 11 years old.

  8. I grew up like an Irish Gypsy so I do understand the urge to go. Also by moving a lot your learn that you can easily make a home anywhere. Interesting how the opposites in your family ended up together.
    So glad the snake was just a scare.

  9. Live anywhere? We are doing it. Summers in the mountains and winters in Florida. As we take our home with us, we can live anywhere we want for as long as we want.

  10. We have traveled around the globe and hope to do more in the future. RVing is such a great way to see continental North America. It's our focus now and in the near future.

    Loved the sunset photos.

  11. Beautiful sunset photos! If I had to choose where to live again, it would definitely be right here on Vancouver Island.

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  13. Absolutely gorgeous sunset!!Don't think I've ever seen one that dramatic.

  14. Luckily for us Brenda and I are both homebodies and our home is wherever we drop our suitcase.


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