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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today Just Disappeared

Sluggish morning, I had horrible nightmares all night!!  I seldom dream or if I do I don’t remember the dreams—last night’s dream was awful!!  I dreamed a mudslide partially buried our house while we were in it!!!  I would wake up, think OK that was one terrible dream, fall back asleep and start dreaming right where I left off!!  UGH!

A very warm walk after which I put another coat of varnish on some of the cabinets in the Tin Tee Pee.  Michael accomplished a mixed bag of things today—some welding, some tree cutting—he was welding in the sun about 3pm and said he was just roasting. 

Leftovers for lunch which was easy.  I made some phone calls today—to our insurance agent—we pay our house/car insurance once a year and when we got the bill for 2013 we both had sticker shock!!  They are working on other ideas—sure hope something works!

Friend Marjean brought me the most beautiful quilt today—she is entering this quilt in our quilt guild quilt show in October.  It will be a pleasure to work on—my kind of colors, a stunning piece of quilting! 

I did get a little quilting done on Shirley’s flannel quilt—maybe I will go back downstairs for a while and quilt some more, it sure is cooler down there!

And that’s it for our day in Montana.

IMG_4075Another sunset photo

OH, I almost forgot—remember how I bragged about my beautiful day lilies, thinking the solar lights were keeping the deer away.  Well some old bat whitetail doe who must like lights ate every single one of my blossoms and blossoms to be last night—she had the audacity to be still sleeping on the hillside above our kitchen windows this morning.  She was strongly encourage to move on—go eat some grass somewhere you old bat!! 


  1. Thats the way days do over here to Janna, just disappear,,,,,,,one right after another.Way to fast! looking forward to see you guys and your place in a few days....

  2. Sounds like a nasty dream you had. Like you said, I can seldom ever remember my dreams even right after I wake up. I wonder why that is?

  3. Darn deer, taking away all your pleasure of the blooming lilies!!

  4. $100.00 the paint caused your headache/nightmire. The strong solvents will do that. Maybe you should think about using water based products in the trailer.


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