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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Hot One

My brain is fried—I just don’t do well in the heat anymore—we went to Billings today and it was just nasty hot—over 100 degrees, baking hot!!!  The air conditioner in the truck just couldn’t keep up—we didn’t cool off between stops.  At least the stores were nice and cool, even Costco!!

We had many errands to run—managed to find the new location of Big Sky Steel and purchased steel for a Geoff project and Michael projects.  Sam’s Club for gum—now that’s a comedy!  When we were camping in the desert in Bouse, AZ, the nearest warehouse club was a Sam’s Club in Yuma so we purchased a membership.  We are as you know loyal Costco members but Billings got a Sam’s Club a couple years ago.  We were going to let our Sam’s Club membership expire until the Costco store stopped carrying the gum Michael likes to chew—the store still carries it but in a variety pack and husband doesn’t like all those weird flavors!  Sam’s Club has the right kind of gum so we continue our membership so we can get gum!!!

Delicious lunch at Jake’s then fun stuff!  We picked out tile for our Tin Tee Pee countertop at Home Depot then over to Lowe’s for a kitchen faucet.  We also purchased a couple different drawer pulls to see which ones we like best.  Exciting!

Costco and Wal Mart then we headed west into the sun for home.  Visited with Nat for a while, grabbed Emmi and headed out to Spring Creek Campground for a good visit with Joe and Carolyn.  Their rig is parked with the window facing the Boulder River—great spot!!  We gave them the low down on places to stay in Montana and chatted about all kinds of other things.  We only met them last year in Cedar Key and feel as if we have known them forever.  Carolyn provided us with appetizers and wine, too, the wine was much welcome after that trip to Billings! 

We are finally home and unloaded, WHEW!!!  Here’s a cooling photo for all of us suffering in the heat:

Crazy Mountains in December

And here’s a photo of Aunt Margaret’s quilt—she had left a message saying it arrived today in Arkansas.



  1. stay cool...we are heading to your state in a week..sure hope the weather cools off just a wee bit!!..the quilt is beautiful as always!!

  2. I love the vibrant colors in that quilt. Just gorgeous. Hot here in Helena today also. Sure hope when we go to Kalispell next week that it's a wee bit cooler up that way.

  3. Just heard the local weather, Monday it could reach 100 hear. The front must be heading east, as it is already quite humid. Tough on us oldsters. Oh well, we'll just fire up the air conditioner. Stay cool my friend.

  4. I have chewed the same brand Gum for years and years,,,,,my Dad got me hooked on it............I get it at Sam's too! Can't live without it.I wonder if it is the same kind? I get EXTRA "pepperment". Ms Pat don't chew, never has..

    Pretty Quilt........

  5. Beautiful looking quilt - great job! As for the Gum - that's the kind of loyalty companies dream of!

  6. Love hearing about Montana, wind, rain, snow, extreme heat. I will be in the Billings area at the end of the month visiting my daughter, grandchildren, and extended family. Love the quilting on your Aunt's quilt.


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