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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not So Exciting

No bears in the night, no bears today—that’s a good thing!  But not very exciting!  We were very watchful on our hike this morning to say the least!

Michael worked on cabinet doors again today. This morning while it was a few degrees cooler I sanded the cabinet frames—YUK what an icky job!!!  Sander dust everywhere, all over the camper and me!!  Just got the kitchen area cabinets finished, lots more to sand!  I will have some major vacuuming to do when this little chore is finished! 

Good lunch—hamburgers on the grill, oven fries (also cooked on the grill) and grilled pineapple—YUM! 

After lunch I loaded Marti’s beautiful quilt and began the quilting process—it’s a big, big quilt! 

It is so incredibly hot—are we going to have these kinds of temps for the next two months???  I sure hope not but I guess I can be glad—so far it cools off reasonably at night.  We read on Rod’s blog where the overnight LOW in Phoenix is around 90 degrees!  Don’t think I could do that without air conditioning!

Yesterday my sister-in-law Vicky who by the way has been married to my brother Ross for 25 years today (Congratulations!!)  posted this photo on Facebook.  Seems the calf got his head stuck in this barrel.  My nephew Clayton managed to free the calf and here’s what Clayton said, “when I got the barrel off the calf was not happy, I had to play rodeo clown!”

And that’s our day in Montana.


  1. Uneventful can be a really good thing. But exciting is nice because then you have more to write about. But I loved the cow in the barrel.

  2. How funny was that! but apparently the calf didn't think it was funny.
    ~Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  3. Good news...NO BEARS. Bad news....HOT TEMPS... That said, your blog is always an interesting read.

  4. no bears in indeed good news..poor calf though!..all in the day of the cattle rancher!

  5. I'd say, "poor calf", but I think his version was more like, "Blame the one you're with"!
    Good for a chuckle.

  6. I love refinishing old wood. Not so much all the sanding, but the staining and varnishing part. I can't wait until you post photos of the finished project. Glad the bears are giving you a break, but keep your guard up!!

  7. Sounds like the new rig is coming along just fine. It's a good thing your nephew was able to get the barrel off that calf before it was injured somehow.


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