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Monday, July 23, 2012

It’s Fair Week In Our County

Lots of goings on out at the fairgrounds in our county today—RV’s rolling in so kids can stay near their animals, entries being accepted, animals being hauled in and political candidates setting up campaign headquarter tents.  I took two quilts out there to be exhibited and I sure felt sorry for Bonnie and Diane—it was HOT in that un-air-conditioned exhibit barn!!

IMG_2409IMG_2410Bonnie hanging quilts.

It took me three hours to finish hand sewing the binding on my bear applique quilt this morning.  I made this quilt several years ago, the pieces even traveled to Mexico with me.  I first used Patchwork Times Judy’s method of machine sewing the binding on the back of the quilt and it looked terrible—Judy’s looked great, mine looked awful!  But since it was my quilt I just left it and didn’t think too much of it.  But, obviously I couldn’t enter the quilt in the fair with it looking like that so this weekend I ripped the binding off and started sewing it back on by hand—looks much better now and the quilt is fair worthy. 

The inside of our jeep was looking a little grungy and I spent some time vacuuming and wiping before going to town.  When we came back home last night from seeing Nat, it had rained, the jeep was so muddy and Michael washed it when we got home.  Danged if the same thing didn’t happen to me today—these afternoon thundershowers crop up, dump a little rain, the road gets muddy and the jeep gets filthy!  So, I washed the jeep again when I got home this afternoon. 

Michael took the mini-excavator and went over to Terry and Boo’s today to do a little work—he didn’t get home until after 6pm, one tired guy!


Here comes that afternoon thundershower!  Jill and I enjoyed a fat free frozen yogurt milkshake at Cinnabar Creek—a good day in Montana.


  1. We enjoy small town fairs...and we do attend them although we live in a large urban area. Good luck showing your quilts at the fair.

    Your jeep sure got a lot of TLC these past couple of days.

  2. My favorite at county fairs is the 4-H kids and their animals. I also enjoy listening to the 4-H demonstration speeches.

  3. I love county fairs, I always had a sewing project entered with the 4-H. I hope your next post, you are boasting about the Blue Ribbon on that quilt of yours. Good look.

  4. Good luck with your quilt at the fair! I didn't realize we were getting around to fair time already but it is almost the end of July already.

  5. County fairs are the best, though I am not sure about one in such heat for people and beasts. Hope you win a prize with that lovely quilt.
    Hum, we need rain badly, think I will go wash my car.


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