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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lots Going On

Our friends Jim and Kathy raise Friesian cross horses in a big way, once a year putting on a show and sale—this morning we went over to their place a watched a little of the action.  Dear husband was not feeling so great—I think perhaps he has over done things a bit—so we didn’t stay long.  Lots of people were there and many more arriving—let’s hope they had a good sale day!

IMG_3854JimIMG_3860Jim’s daughter Jayme with Jim’s granddaughter Nikki.  The horse Jayme is riding is huge, HUGE!!

IMG_3861Jim’s daughter Heather and her daughter Nikki riding bareback. 

IMG_3867One of Jim’s selling points is “this horse has been ridden by all the grandkids.”  I’m going to have to tell him that statement holds no weight with me—his daughters and granddaughters were all born with their butts in the saddle—they can ride anything!!

I spent the rest of the day working on LoraLee’s quilt finishing it just before 4pm—we then drove over to their house to deliver the quilt and pick up my portion of today’s Bountiful Basket.  The quilt is beautiful and LoraLee was pleased—it is a wedding gift for a niece.


Today’s Bountiful Basket contained pineapples, plums, green beans, tomatoes, mangos, etc.—we will be eating well again.  And speaking of eating well, LoraLee insisted we stay for dinner preparing steaks and salmon on the grill—diet, what diet!!  Very, very good!

On the way home we saw these guys in a field right by the road—they will be really big boys by fall!



A good day in Montana!  A little warmish but not bad.


  1. Not bad weather wise here in Billings today either. That horse is definitely huge even to my unpracticed eye. Hope Michael is doing better. Need to keep a close eye on these guys of ours.

  2. beautiful job on the quilt, Janna!..very nice wedding to treasure!

  3. tell me more about these Friesian cross horses. Are they good cattle horses,,,,are they fast? They look as big as the ones we used to use in the Hay field pulling rakes, mowers and sweeps..... They might look a little smaller and gracefull if their fetlocks were trimmed.. I'm just interested to know what they use them for and what they claim the strong points are.... They look strong, but I'm wondering if they could run a calf down?
    Hope Mike gets to feelin better...
    Its been cool over here the last couple days.. high yesterday was in the 70's. We had happy Hr with long sleeve shirts on.....


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