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Friday, July 20, 2012

Welcome Relief

It was so hot yesterday—when Jerry and Wanda were here last night we dined outside in the backyard trying to find a cool spot—we were still hot!!  It never cooled off during the night which is unusual.  This morning it was cloudy and stayed that way most of the day with cooler temps and a slight breeze, a welcome relief for sure!

I was determined to quilt today and quilt I did making great progress on that huge quilt belonging to Marti.  Michael worked on Tin Tee Pee cabinet doors all day and moved irrigating water here and there. 

Nothing much going on around here other than quilting and Tin Tee Pee work—look what I picked in my garden this morning:IMG_3967I just may get some produce out of all our efforts yet!!  I have little tomatoes which seem to grow visibly by the day. 


A good day in Montana.


  1. Nice looking squash you got there. We had a couple of storms roll through here this evening but not hail thank goodness.

  2. Your photo says its a beautiful day in Montana!!

  3. Maybe heat relief is coming. We were baking the last few weeks in Iowa and last night we actually had to use a blanket:)

  4. Great looking squash - maybe you'll just get a late garden bonus this year. I like quiet, peaceful days.


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