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Monday, July 16, 2012

Enough To Settle The Dust

My Dad used to say that, “not enough to settle the dust.”  We did get a tad more rain than dust settling this afternoon but not much!  The best thing though are the much cooler temps—heavenly—more normal Montana temps!

I finished cleaning the inside of the Tin Tee Pee, stuck a load of laundry in the washer and headed off to quilt.  Except for making pizza for lunch I hung out in the quilting studio. 

Rollie and Gina are going to be down on the Texas coast this winter and we thought of joining them for a month or so.  Maybe not—I called the RV park where they plan to stay and have a reservation only to be told, “no openings.”  Called another nice sounding RV park in the same area and got the same answer, “no openings.”  This is July not December and I don’t want to go there until early January—must be “the” place to be, you think????

IMG_3937Another photo from yesterday, you can just see the top of Boone Mountain sticking out of the clouds.

Family on DegrayMy family in Arkansas having fun on the lake—my brother Ross in front, Chuck, Mom and nephew Trent in the middle; in the back row, nephew Clayton and SIL Vicky.  We have had so much fun on DeGray Lake throughout the years.  Ross owned a boat that was capable of pulling us on water skies—we all learned to ski behind that boat.  Mom and Dad had a RV, the rest of us had tents and off we went many weekends.  Dad’s favorite thing was to drive the boat while one of us skied.  Good times!

Michael went to Claire and Robyn’s this morning to get more sticks for trimming the cabinet doors in the Tin Tee Pee.  Emmi played ball and slept—there you have it for us on a beautiful Montana Monday. 


  1. We got a nice rain here this evening. And I am definitely loving the cooler temps. I can't believe you can't get into a park down there. Don't give up - there has to be one somewhere that has a space.

  2. Did you try The Last Resort? There's also a nice park next to it, Drifters. Yes, I think the Coastal Bend gets busier every year!

  3. Interesting that the Texas area you were looking at is so full already. Maybe it's going to be a busy year for RV'ers!


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