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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cutting Hay

This time of year every where you look someone is cutting or baling hay.  Everyone gets into the act—kids barely old enough to reach the gas pedal are driving the hay truck out into the pasture and retrieving bales.  It’s all about the timing here in Montana too—most folks up our way get two cuttings of hay but only if they get the first crop cut, baled and out of the fields so they can start irrigating the second crop.

 IMG_3801Our neighbor started cutting this field yesterday, it is a huge field and will take three days of cutting before it’s finished.

Rick left this comment last night, “Sure hope Michael takes it easy with those hay bales and doesn't injure himself.”  Rick, we don’t pick up hale bales—Michael said he got smart a long time ago and started making round bales instead of those small square things you have to hand move!  Here is a photo of our old, old John Deere tractor which starts right up every year after sitting all winter:IMG_3809and the round baler.

Here is a photo of our hay truck—when we had cows we also fed bales using this hydraulic operated bale bed:

IMG_3804 IMG_3805IMG_3806



All we have to do is sit inside the truck and push buttons—too bad it isn’t air conditioned!!!

Another scorcher today, 94 degrees at 11am.  A “cold” front is to move through the state this evening and cool things off just a little, highs of mid 80’s tomorrow. 


  1. That's neat to see the truck in action. It hit 103 here in Billings today.

  2. Sounds like great haying weather.

  3. Love the old faithful John Deere. Reminds me of my Uncle. Your cows don't get square meals anymore either. LOL

  4. sounds like it has been a bit warm in your neighborhood!..
    finally the perfect Hay Bale!..

  5. Ah yes, I remember barely reaching the pedals on our old tractor. Never came out of first gear though, but that was fast enough at the age of six to follow the trail of bales so the men could load the wagon.
    These days my brother never touches a bale either, although he doesn't do the round bales. He has another system that he's had for a few years now, but that I haven't had a chance to see, so I'm not sure of the details. One of these fine days we'll get to Nova Scotia to see this back saving system he has.

  6. Wow great photos and what an interesting post! I would love to see that! Hope it cools down a bit for you folks.
    Have fun

  7. There ya go! Just shows what I know about ranching, farming and making hay while the sun shines - nothing!

  8. With the right tools, farming need not be back breaking work! Nice weather for making hay.

    Happy 4th of July.

  9. I remember when i was growing up on a farm and we baled hay. Always in the hottost time of the year. Always tried to get 3cuttings. Also remember loading loose hay. Yea I'm old.

  10. Please please please send that cold front our way?????

    Karen and Steve
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