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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Detour and A Fright

Last year we thought summer would never arrive and we saw only a few days even close to 90 degrees.  We had so much rain there was flooding all over our county.  This year the 90 degree days are all too frequent and no rain.  Hot, hot today.

As we came down the hill on our hike this morning, walked across the road and started up the path beside the creek Michael said, “BEAR!!”  He just sat there and watched us not moving—a little disconcerting.  We elected to change directions and go back to the house another way—YIKES!!


OK, that was scary enough then I go out to the garden to pick some lettuce and Mr. Bear and I almost get to shake hands!!!  He is in my compost pile—right across from the garden—all I saw of him that time was his butt headed up the hill.  Double YIKES!!!  My knees were knocking!!!  While we love seeing the bears this is just a little to close for comfort.  We are going to employ some scare tactics used by the Fish and Game people to see if we can teach him this isn’t hospitable country!

When I didn’t have enough backing fabric for Marti’s quilt last night I loaded another small customer quilt for friend Dava and finished it this afternoon.  She used minky fabric for the backing and it really showed the simple quilting. IMG_3921IMG_3923

And that’s it for our day here in Montana.  Michael framed one of the cabinet doors in the Tin Tee Pee with split very small pine sticks—looks awesome!!! 


  1. Ha, kinda reminds me of going the Phoenix,,,Dangerious!! I have my hand on my gun most of the time......So many daylight parking lot robberies and car jacking.....
    It would sure be a lot less problematic shootin a bear......... I doubt you would face a grand jury..
    Glad Mr Bear didn't persue you.....

  2. poor Mr. Bear..probably just looking for his next thankful it wasn't you! in the mountains? just never know who is going to oome knockin'

  3. Well, I'll tell ya'. I'd be packing a gun for a while. Good luck discouraging your new friend. We haven't seen any bears here this year, but have had them in the yard in the past. Stay safe!!

  4. I would sure find that bear encounters disquieting. Definitely would be keeping the bear spray close on hikes around the area.

  5. Don't think I have ever seen a bear in the wild but did have one brush up against a Class B van I was camped in one night many years ago. I sure wouldn't feel comfortable camping with a tent in bear country. At least you guys can pack along some 'firepower' for defense purposes. Heaviest artillery most of us Canadians might have with us would be a fly swatter:((

  6. I wonder if Paulette's 'bear bells' would scare that critter off? I doubt it. I guess you'll have to keep a close eye on Emmi with that bear around the area.

  7. Awesome sight. Most bears prefer to stay away from human contact....but your compost could be the draw. I'm curious to learn about the scare tactics the Fish and Game folks suggest for keeping bears at bay. Nice photos.


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