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Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Of Those Good Days

We took a longer than usual hike today—over to the headgate where our irrigating water enters our ditch—by the time we got back, it was getting warm. 

The Tin Tee Pee needed my attention this morning—I gave in and painted the inside of one of the closets and the cabinets over one of the beds—that’s hard, messy work!  I’m a messy painter at best and when I’m working inside a cabinet, it’s even worse!  Took me a while to get all the paint scrubbed off my arms!

Michael also worked in the Tin Tee Pee cutting holes in the countertop base for the stove and sink—it is exciting to see actual progress!!

Sometime during the day I managed to get a quilt for Shirley on the frame—she and George are at their condo on upper Vancouver Island for a couple months—I’d like to have her quilt finished way before she comes home!

This evening we drove out north of Big Timber to the home of friends Denny and Ellen.  They’ve built a new home out there and it is gorgeous.  Ellen treated us to a wonderful meal of ribs, potato casserole, salad and sautéed vegetables.  Dessert was ice cream sundaes and brownies—can you say stuffed!!!  They have a delightful new puppy, a goldendoodle named Ned—just a bundle of joy.  I’m not a cat person but Denny and Ellen have a new little kitten too named Boo—he has a black spot around his nose and the sweetest disposition—I could have tucked him in my pocket and brought him home—I think Michael was tempted.

A very good day in Montana.



  1. What a beautiful sunset picture! As for a cat, oh my. Just can't imagine...

  2. I love my Kitty, course she is special, she is from Heaven.

  3. Indeed it was a good day in Montana... beautiful sunset!

  4. Not really a cat person either but who can resist a kitty. Even got warm up here - if you can call 88 warm. Beautiful sunset pic.


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