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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Weather Man Needs A New Job

Monsoonal rains with possible flooding were predicted for yesterday, last night and today—well we got our monsoonal rains—all three drops of it!!! Sad smile  I guess the northwest part of the state did get some rain but it was not to be here.

IMG_3935See the difference in the color of the grass, the grass behind Michael is irrigated and green, the grass in the right had side of the photo is brown and needs water. 

IMG_3934We had clouds but no rain.

IMG_3938Three babies, two moms.

Nat came for lunch—we had leftover beef tenderloin, peas, carrots and radishes we purchased at the farmer’s market yesterday along with roasted potatoes and strawberry ice cream for dessert. 

I finished sanding in the Tin Tee Pee just before lunch and spent the entire afternoon vacuuming up all the fine dust which was everywhere!!  It’s kind of warm in that Tin Tee Pee!!  Now to paint the inside of the cabinets and stain the outside wood. 

Little Emmi got a bath today and that’s the extent of our day.  A busy Sunday.


  1. We didn't get the rain here either. Got some during the night but definitely not what they were saying we'd get. Need a whole lot more.

  2. Weather forecasts don't seem very reliable anywhere these days.

    Nice photo of all the deer running in the fields.

  3. We got a half inch, it helped but it is so dry that it didn't make much of a dent. Plus it came so fast. It was over in 10 minutes,I was surprised to see we got that much, it came so fast!

    I have done 2 tin tee pees like you are doing. First one was a Silver Streak, back in 1985, then a 1976 Airstrean in 1992. Those things were really built well.. In fact we began full timing in the 32' Airstream back in 1995....

    Hope the rains start more frequently.........

  4. Rain is needed in so many areas of this country. We have plenty for now, everything is lush green, wish I could send you some moisture.

  5. We'll keep pushing the west coast clouds towards Montana in the hopes that it rains. Looking forward to seeing the progress with the renovated Tin Tee Pee.

  6. Janna hope you get some wet weather love the pic of the babies and their mommas....


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