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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something Is Working

Usually when we make a run to Billings we have Nat babysit Emmi especially this time of year when it is so hot.  Well, today he and Michael both had appointments with the dermatologist and rather than try to find someone else to keep Ms Emmi, I stayed home.  And boy was I productive!! 

We all went for a walk in the wonderfully cool morning before Michael took off then I got to work.  Put another coat of varnish on the Tin Tee Pee bathroom door and a coat on the kitchen cabinet framework. 

On to the quilt studio—finished Marti’s Anna’s Waltz quilt and it is stunning!!  I will try to get it mailed to her on Friday then will post photos once she has seen it.  Loaded a small quilt for Dava and finished it about the time Michael got home.  The phone rang today and I only answered it once when my sweet niece called, the rest of the time I just ignored it.  I ate a sandwich for lunch—no cooking—I can be very productive without distractions! 

IMG_4031Dava’s little quilt with a simple meander for quilting.

Michael went by Costco and came home with a jeep load of fruit—cantaloupe, watermelon, honey dew melons, pineapple, cherries, grapes—we should eat healthy for a while!! 

When we first built this house 11 years ago a Kimberly-Clark colleague sent me all the way from Atlanta, Georgia a box of day lily plants.  We planted them in various places, we get lots of green foliage, flower stems form and just about the time a flower is ready to bloom a blasted deer comes along and mows the plant down to the ground.  It has been this way for years!!  I curse the deer, I let Emmi chase the deer out of the yard, nothing helped—no day lily flowers to enjoy.

Until this year—Michael bought me these three solar lights in the shape of a dragonfly, a hummingbird and a butterfly.  The lights slowly change colors all night—I have these little lights in my flower beds.  This year I have the most beautiful crop of day lilies!!!  We think the deer might not like the lights at night????  Whatever happened, it worked!IMG_4017IMG_4019

Much cooler temps today—nice!  A good day in Montana.  Mike and his Dad got good reports from the dermatologist!


  1. Dermatologist in Billings for us next month. Glad their reports were good. Hope you didn't wear yourself out - you really did accomplish a lot today.

  2. You had a very productive day. I have one set of the solar lights you describe. Now that you mentioned they might be keeping the deer away, I may get a few more sets. Thanks!

  3. Interesting that the lights could be the reason why the deer would stay away. You may have to order a truck load of those for your garden too.

  4. A quiet, productive day at home is a good thing! Nice looking quilt.

  5. Thanks, you solved a gift problem for me. I have a friend moving into a new house in the N.Ga Mountains and those lights just might keep the deer out of her plants.

  6. Gorgeous lily, Janna! I will have to put some of those lights out in my front garden. The deer here in Nevada high country LIKE deer resistant plants!

  7. Oh, and nice quilting! Any day spent quilting is a good day. ;-)


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