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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mostly A Day Of Rest

I almost didn’t write a blog tonight—nothing to talk about but here it is, habits are hard to break aren’t they!  When I met Michael almost 18 years ago I began keeping a journal—I wanted to detail every day of my new exciting life with him.  I kept that journal faithfully writing almost every day until I started blogging even if only to note the weather--I still write sporadically in that journal.  In April of 2008 after meeting Ellie at Justin’s RV Park in Tucson I started blogging.  We met Ellie and Jim one evening at a potluck and Ellie introduced us to the world of blogging.  Since starting the blog in 2008 I have posted almost every day and usually enjoy sitting down in the evening and writing the blog—today I just wasn’t in the mood—but once again, here it is!

Nat came for lunch and we had hamburgers, corn on the cob and melons.  For dessert (the best part) we had homemade strawberry ice cream.

After lunch I loaded Aunt Marg’s quilt on the frame and got to the quilting.  Her friend Marti received the quilt I just finished so now I can post some photos—she was thrilled so that’s a good thing!



Michael has been good today—getting lots of rest—life is good!


  1. The quilt is beautiful. Sometimes we need a ho-hum day in the craziness of it all.

  2. Great looking quilt. Good job on "nothing to write about".

  3. Enjoyed your blog... and am subscribing. Write on, write now... I am a journal keeper but making it public is interesting... I think I'm hooked, too.

    Blessings & Shalom,
    Richard & iona, Baby Snooks, the dog & Jasper, the cranky old man cat
    Full timing RVers in a '95 Ivory Ed, 40' 300 Cummins DP pulling little green toad (2012 Ford Fiesta)

  4. I totally understand the 'not being in the mood' to write a post some nights. Doesn't happen very often but it does happen. Harder to pull my thoughts together if I'm feeling a bit on the frumpy side. Maybe Mike needs a few twirls around the yard in the Skidder to speed up the healing:))

  5. I skip writing the blog some nights if I'm not in the mood or nothing is going on. I don't want it to become a grind for me. :)

  6. This turned out to be a real nice post even though you thought you didn't have much to say. I never knew how you actually began blogging so I was interested to hear your story.

    I really enjoy relaxing in my computer room in the evening to write my blog each night. Sometimes, I've known since early morning what I'm going to write about while other times I haven't got a clue until I actually sit down at my keyboard. That's what makes it a fun challenge for me and one I enjoy most nights.

  7. Janna, the quilt is beautiful and your quilting added even more beauty. Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  8. Yours was a decent blog for thinking you had little or nothing to write about.

  9. That quilt is a lovely work of art!

    I don't get around to blogging every day, but I think once we hit the road, I will make an effort to do it most every day I have a signal. At least that is my plan!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. I guess I've skipped more than a "few days" since my last blog, but don't give up on me yet! Beautiful, beautiful quilt! Some of the fabric looks similar to mine!


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