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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bragging Rights

Remember the quilts I took to the county fair on Monday—well today is the first day I’ve been back out to the fairgrounds to see all the quilts.  I won both a purple champion ribbon and a blue first place ribbon on my two quilts!!!! Smile  I am thrilled to say the least!!IMG_4039


Here are some of the other gorgeous quilts displayed at the fair:

IMG_4044This belongs to Bette, one of my quilt retreat buddies. 

IMG_4045This one belongs to Bonnie—the woman who spearheads all the fine art displays at the fair including quilting.

IMG_4046This one’s for you Paulette, all wool, just gorgeous, made by one of our quilt shop workers, Betsy.

IMG_4048And Barb’s patriotic quilt which I quilted for her. 

This afternoon Bonnie had arranged a demonstration—how to make a ten minute table runner—we timed our teacher and by george, it did only take 10 minutes and so cute with many variations.  I then demonstrated a little make and take—fabric flowers with button centers.  It was enjoyable and everyone got to take home their finished product. 

As we were leaving the fair we ran into Geoff, Nancy and Shine the puppy.  Along came Denny and Ellen with Ned the puppy—those two dogs had so much fun!

A very, very good day in Montana!!  It is raining as I write this—we are praying for lots of rain!!


  1. Congratulations Janna. What beautiful quilts. You are one talented lady. We also had rain yesterday lots of it and badly needed.
    Ontario Canada
    Janet & Sheldon

  2. Good job on them there quilts......& congrats:))

  3. Congratulations on your ribbons, Janna. Looks like there were lots of pretty quilts there. Congrats on the rain too. If only Nebr. could get a couple or three inches real slow all over the state it would lift spirits and help immensely with the wild fires in the North Central & Western portions of the state.

  4. Congratulations. Of course I knew it was a prize winner when I saw it in your workshop. Wish I was half as talented!

  5. Listen really hard, you can hear me shout, "CONGRATULATIONS" I just knew you would take top awards with your beautiful work.

  6. It's no wonder that you cleaned up at the County Fair! Your quilts are gorgeous!! The Stocking Quilt is on my 'TO-DO List'...bought the book a couple of years ago!! LOVE it! And yes, I agree...the wool quilt is stunning!! AND your quilting is wonderful too!! I think you should give the RV Blog to hubby and start your own Quilting Blog...just sayin'! :o)
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. congrats to you Janna..a winning quilter!!!

  8. Congratulations Janna! The quilts are beautiful! I'm learning to quilt little by little. I have a long way to go but I'm having fun. Hugs......

  9. Big time congrats on your ribbons. Just goes to show the judges had good taste.
    I am so glad someone is getting rain. Enjoy.

  10. Your quilts are beautiful and Congrats on the ribbons. I know about the 10 minute runners and have made some but about those fabric flowers? You should do a picture post tutorial for us.:)
    Again Congrats. Happy week-end!

  11. Congratulations! Beautiful quilt! and quilting. What a nice showing of quilts. Enjoy the rain---nice quilting weather.


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