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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Day Off

Jeane called yesterday and asked what I was doing Wednesday.  I hesitated to tell her “nothing special” in fear she would say, “let’s go hiking.”  I don’t do hiking when it is 90 degrees outside or even 80 degrees.  But, no, she was in need of a road trip so off we went!  The lengths we Montana ladies will go for road trips is great!!  From Big Timber to Belgrade to Ennis we drove 230 miles round trip—thank goodness we were in Jeane’s Prius!!! 

Our first stop was Quilts on Broadway in Belgrade—one of my all time favorite quilt stores!  The store is located in an old two story house with basement.  There is fabric, fabric kits, patterns, quilt samples—all beautiful stuff housed in this unique quilt shop.  We happened to mention that the quilt shop in Big Timber was for sale and the owner said, “this one is closing the end of October.”  Almost totally without expression.  Jeane and I were both flabbergasted!!!  Not selling, not even trying to sell, just closing—blame placed upon the economy.  A very sad thing!

Next stop was lunch in Ennis, MT a little fly fishing community located on the banks of the Madison River.  This is a thriving in summer little Montana town with many cute shops and a quilt store.  Well, let me tell you, if anyone has any doubts as to the state of the economy in the US, visit any of those stores in Ennis.  The only shops thriving right now in that little town are the drug store with awesome soda fountain and the places selling food.  Very few customers in the other shops we visited and no one seemed to be buying anything.  Again, sad! 

We pointed the Prius toward home arriving back in Big Timber about 5pm.  Michael called while we were in route and told me Joe and Carolyn were at Spring Creek Campground in Big Timber.  I missed them as they were driving into town but we will get together tomorrow evening.

On my way up the Boulder tonight in the little sports car I ran into one nasty storm.  Lightening everywhere, torrential rain and wind which was throwing my little car all over the place.  I was driving about 30mph with the windshield wipers on high and still couldn’t see!  The storm lasted for about 5-6 miles then it was total dry pavement, no wind, no rain!!  And we got no rain here at the house! Sad smile

A great, great day with my friend Jeane and we get to see Joe and Carolyn tomorrow! 

IMG_3925Sunset last night

IMG_3926Think I will have tomatoes by December??


  1. No kidding when you said you Montana ladies will take short drives over 200 miles!!! Sure sounds like it was a great day.

  2. Nothing better than ripping up the countryside with a good friend!! My tomatoes are about the same as yours!!!

  3. Glad you got through that storm OK. Say Hi to Carolyn and Joe from us!

  4. Sounds like a fun road trip!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Wow! You guys don't mess around when go for a drive.


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