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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Happened To Tuesday

An uneventful walk, startled some sandhill cranes and watched Emmi chase the shovel.



Salads for lunch as we knew we would be dining large tonight and boy did we ever!  But first we delivered Geoff and Nancy’s outdoor fire pit screen—this is Michael’s design and I think he did a great job!  Looks like a tee pee—we must have tee pees on the brain around here!IMG_3946

About 4pm we headed up the Boulder for dinner with Mary Beth and Bill.  Last fall our friends Peg and John sold their home up the Boulder and had a new one built near town.  Talking to Jeane one day (she works for our realtor friend Gwen) she told me a nurse from Powell, WY and her husband had purchased the home.  Before marrying Michael almost eighteen years ago I was the director of nursing for the Powell Hospital—low and behold this nurse was one of the nurses I supervised all those years ago—one of my best nurses, easy going, caring  to her patients, efficient, a sweetheart!  We enjoyed a wonderful evening with them—I had never met her husband—what a talented man as Michael said.  He builds airplanes, re-builds cars, is a pilot and gave Michael the grand tour of his shop while Mary Beth and I reminisced.  What a meal, glad we had salads for lunch!!  Steaks on the grill, salad, potatoes, bread and strawberry pie!! 

We were rather late getting home and Ms Emmi voiced her displeasure loudly!!  Another good day in Montana!


  1. Janna, I just love reading about your life in Montana. So many friends, so much fun (I skip over all the work). You paint such a picture of your rewarding life.

    Safe travels,

  2. Love that pic of Emmi with her ears flyin' high.

  3. I love that firepit, Michael is one talented man. Glad you had a chance to reconnect with one of your nurses, it sounds like a great time. Emmi has such a determined look on her face!

  4. The picture of Emmi with her ears up in the air, is the best. Glad you had fun reconnecting with old acquaintances. Love Mike's fire pit. He has some serious talent.!!

  5. Love that picture of Emmi. You must not have gotten the storm that moved through here last night. Holy Cow - it really stormed - hard with lots of lightning and a downpour.

  6. nice that you can get out and socialize..even if Ms.Emmie is displeased with staying at home to guard the house...
    by the way I read 'go west' this morning..poor Tomez..made me cry..poor kitty..:*(


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