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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday At Our House

Whoo—another hot one today in Montana but this evening we had a rain shower and it is much cooler now. 

Lonn came over this morning on his dirt bike to get some help from the local mechanic, AKA, his Dad.  While they were out in the garage I did such mundane things as clean out the refrigerator and make lunch.  I did bake a couple loaves of bread.  Nat arrived about lunch time and we all sat down to pork chops, leftover salmon from George and Shirley’s, fresh green beans, zucchini, grilled pineapple and potatoes.  For dessert we had July 4 leftover ice cream—a very good meal.

After lunch I retreated to the cool of the basement with plans to load a quilt.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough backing fabric.  I called Marti and we are working on a plan.  In the meantime Dava stopped by dropping off two small quilts for quilting. 

This afternoon late we took a drive up Lewis Gulch—about seven miles farther up the East Boulder.  This gravel former logging road winds up the mountainside for about 4 miles.  The creeks were flowing, wildflowers everywhere, that wonderful pine scent in the air—a good day to be out.  While we were up there it rained really cooling down the temps. 




A good Sunday in Montana.


  1. Fresh baked bread sounds enticing! :)

  2. a good day indeed!..happy quilting!

  3. With all the hectic activity going on around our house right now, a quiet, relaxing day sounds pretty good. Nice pics!!

  4. Cooling down is something you desire. Rain is good too. We're thrilled with the weather improvements that have finally hit the west coast.


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