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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Farmers Market

Oh, my, someone turned on the furnace again—we had almost a week of  nicer temps but today it got hot, very hot—99 degrees in Big Timber! 

Michael spent the morning working on the irrigation ditch—the big one.  IMG_3961I sprayed weeds, made lunch and quilted. 

This afternoon late we left Emmi home alone AGAIN and headed to Livingston for the farmers market.  Still a little early for produce in Montana—most vegetable vendors were selling things I am all ready harvesting from my own garden.  We came away with two bunches of radishes!! IMG_3963IMG_3964It was a busy place, though.  Lots of jewelry, craft and food vendors.

Then it was off to Albertson’s for a few groceries and where I pulled a huge blunder!  We were in search of produce such as cantaloupe and watermelon.  OK, cantaloupes were on sale and watermelons were $.69 a pound.  I selected a watermelon, grabbed three cantaloupes,  got the rest of our stuff and off we went to check out.  Sometimes I watch the screen to see how much I am being charged—maybe I should watch all the time!!!  When we got home Michael asked me how much the watermelon cost as he was carrying it inside from the jeep—he thought it was heavy.  That stupid watermelon cost me $12.46!!!!!  It weighed 18 pounds!!!!   Holy smokes—I better eat every single little tiny morsel and then some, maybe I should pickle the rind—do people do that??  Smile

Ms Emmi howled her delight in seeing us again, we were only gone 3 hours but you would have thought we left her alone for days. 


  1. My Grandma Young used to make watermelon rind perserves. My Daddy loved them.

  2. I will definitely be keeping an eye on any watermelon that we buy. Over $12 - wow. Our girls don't care if we've been gone five minutes or five hours - they just go nuts when we walk through the door.

  3. That's a really big watermelon! Paulette just bought one yesterday, I'd better go check our bank balance!

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooo, I don't want that heat to move east, our temps are perfect. Can't you keep it a little longer?


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