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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Great Day

Woke to cooler temps and the rest of the day was nice and cool compared to yesterday!  We even had a little rain shower late this afternoon.

While on our walk this morning we ran into Mr. Rattlesnake again—he was in the shade and as it was kind of cool he made no attempt to strike at Emmi as she ran past.  Beyond scary!!!  We did vaccinate Emmi against rattlesnakes this year.  Our veterinarian has had great success with the vaccine—he told us that a rattlesnake bite would kill a dog as small as Emmi so we decided to take the plunge and get the vaccination.

Rollie caught a cold a week or so before they arrived and the cold symptoms had just been lingering.  His cough was disturbing both his and Gina’s sleep.  So, we sent the two of them off to visit the local nurse practitioner this morning—he came home armed with some good cough medicine and an antibiotic.

Michael and Rollie managed to complete their project from yesterday—got the gutter re-installed.  Gina finished the tops of four of her placemats and I quilted a bit.

Tonight Geri and Larry joined us for a spaghetti dinner—with cesar salad and homemade bread.  For dessert I had made chocolate ice cream—oh my—I could have eaten the whole thing!  We had a great time visiting and telling stories!

And that’s how our day went, another great one!



  1. chocolate ice cream? that sounds delicious right about now!!

  2. Hope Rollie is feeling better after getting some meds. That cold has been lingering too long. Dinner sounds delicious. Hugs......Pat

  3. Beautiful day, wonderful dinner. AAH.

  4. Never heard of a rattlesnake vacine. Interesting.

  5. Good move on the rattlesnake vaccine. Pretty scary running across one of those critters for sure.

  6. This year in Oklahoma is the first we had heard of the snake vaccine, we were concerned with copperheads. What a piece of mind we now have with our 3 year old Springer Spaniel. Glad you went ahead with that, Emmi is so small. Such a beautiful area you live in ! ! Becki & J.D.


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